Customized Solution Provided to Treat Varying Water Quality in Illinois City

This case study out of Lexington, Illinois, illustrates how a customized solution provided by Tonka Water, a Kurita Brand, removed TOC, iron, manganese and hardness

Customized Solution Provided to Treat Varying Water Quality in Illinois City
Water treatment plant restored using repair mortar

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Problem: The Illinois city of Lexington needed of a new water treatment plant as residents were experiencing tinted water caused by organic materials. Water is sourced from multiple wells, creating unstable water quality.

Solution: It includes a fully automated combination of four processes from a single manufacturer. Treatment begins with forced-draft aeration, providing iron oxidation. Water then flows to detention, allowing time for the iron to oxidize. Next comes an OptaCell Plus pressure filter for removal of iron and manganese. The filter, with isolated cell compartments above and below the underdrain, enables individual cells to be backwashed or taken completely offline while the others remain in service. Each cell includes the Simul-Wash backwash system, which reduces backwash waste and lowers costs. In the next stage water flows through four RidION ion exchange softener vessels to treat water hardness, followed by an Organix system for TOC removal before distribution.

Result: The Lexington plant is meeting expectations since commissioning in 2017. 866-663-7633;


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