Reduce Project Execution Time with Field-Erected Treatment Systems

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Reduce Project Execution Time with Field-Erected Treatment Systems

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Contract-to-completion timelines for site-built concrete treatment plants can be exceedingly long, often ranging from several months to years. For facilities with rapidly declining equipment or significantly rising demand, a faster solution is necessary — and one that doesn’t sacrifice water quality, durability or lifetime of the equipment.

With Evoqua DAVCO field-erected treatment systems, efficiency and economy are delivered in a pre-engineered and factory-built single package. Evoqua’s single-source approach integrates industry-leading expertise and equipment with design, build, installation and commissioning services, and can deliver a high-quality project in months instead of years.

A smart investment

Field-erected treatment plant components are trucked to the site and installed on a concrete base slab. Typically, the site is prepared and excavated as necessary, and the slab poured while the system is manufactured. The field installation primarily involves assembling and welding the components, then cleaning and coating the entire system.

Beyond providing speed advantages, field-erected treatment plants provide a cost-effective, long-life solution compared to treatment plant construction. Installing a package plant is considerably less capital intensive than form-built, concrete basin type treatment plants due to the weather-related delays and labor-intensive conditions associated with built-in-place approaches. Field-erected plants are simpler and faster to install because they generally require less physical space, less yard piping and electrical conduit, less maintenance, and significantly less site preparation.

Throughout the course of their lifetime, field-erected treatment plants can save additional costs. They often eliminate the need for both multiple tankage and separate clarification systems and sludge recycle systems. Meanwhile, engineering and construction costs are often dramatically reduced using pre-engineered components and the precision factory fabrication of individual assemblies. The components and internal piping assemblies in these field-erected plants benefit from the machine shop atmosphere of factory construction and provide a major advantage with short on-site installation time.

Evoqua’s DAVCO product line is an industry leader in the manufacture and installation of field-erected biological treatment plants for the reduction of biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, total nitrogen, and phosphorus. Evoqua’s solutions support municipalities and industrial clients with capacities ranging from 0.1 mgd to 5.0 mgd. Field-erected solutions are available in a variety of configurations, including activated sludge processes, sequencing batch reactors, and oxidation ditch configurations — basically any biological process can be incorporated in the field erect design. Treatment plant material options include carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, concrete or any combination of these materials. Evoqua also offers full turnkey construction, retrofit, rehab and replacement services.

  • Offers quick installation — the permanent field-erected biological treatment systems are pre-assembled and then erected at the job site.
  • Requires less physical space, less yard piping and electrical conduit, and less maintenance than site-built concrete systems.
  • Easily incorporates a wide range of biological process options and special configurations such as the unique dual-path design.
  • Proves a viable option for colder climates when partially or fully buried to protect from freeze damage.

Built to last

Evoqua’s DAVCO product and service teams have worked with municipalities, developers and engineers for more than 50 years to deliver turnkey projects and solutions in as fast as six months. DAVCO field-erected plants have proven their long-life functionality and durability over decades and in all types of climatic extremes.

Evoqua’s DAVCO treatment plants are designed to meet or exceed all specified federal, state and local government requirements. Evoqua has more than two decades of experience in the design of biological nutrient removal processes, meeting stringent effluent requirements. To simplify the process, customers are provided a single point of contact from order placement to commissioning. However, Evoqua’s biological treatment process experts are always available to guide process selection and to assist with technical support in all phases of application refinement, process design and specification development.

Evoqua’s DAVCO product and service teams are among the industry’s most experienced, relative to the field-erected treatment plant assembly methods, procedures and quick startup techniques. Over the years, the Evoqua installation team has earned an enviable reputation for its quality on-site workmanship, and its reliability in meeting strict schedule and budget parameters. With the use of the Evoqua installation team, sole-source responsibility is assured. Quality is also top of mind as quality assurance personnel inspect all equipment and components based on strict quality standards.

By combining a single source approach that integrates industry-leading expertise and equipment with design, build, installation and commissioning services, Evoqua routinely delivers a high-quality project in months instead of years.

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