Modern Media Filters for the Wastewater Treatment and Sewer Industry

Modern Media Filters for the Wastewater Treatment and Sewer Industry

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The sewer and wastewater treatment industry is advancing with media filters designed for a variety of challenging applications. These include cloth media filtration systems tailored for wet-weather conditions, capable of handling high flow rates without the need for chemicals, and specialized adsorption media effective against a broad spectrum of contaminants. The technologies are not only compact and efficient in space utilization but also versatile, catering to both tertiary and wet-weather operations.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems AquaStorm
The AquaStorm cloth media filtration system from Aqua-Aerobic Systems is an effective solution for wet-weather applications, including combined sewer overflow, sanitary sewer overflow and stormwater. The system uses a disc configuration and OptiFiber PF-14 pile cloth media, and it operates with three zones of solids removal to filter wet-weather flows without the use of chemicals. It is designed to handle a wide range of flows in a fraction of the space and offers simple startup/shutdown with unattended operation for remote locations. The system also allows for dual-use application for tertiary and wet-weather operation. 


CETCO Energy Services FLUORO-SORB Adsorbent 
FLUORO-SORB Adsorbent from CETCO Energy Services is a highly specialized and NSF-certified adsorption media that is proven effective in treating a wide range of PFAS compounds. An engineered surface modification technology allows it to be resistant to competitive adsorption from other sediment and water contaminants. This feature ensures that the media efficiently binds across the entire spectrum of PFAS and is reliable. It comes in various forms allowing versatility in deployment across filtration, sediment capping, CETCO Reactive Core Mat, and in-situ remediation applications. With its precision-engineered design and strong track record, it has ideal adsorption capacity and fast kinetics, providing a cost-effective option for PFAS remediation applications of all scales. 



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