Get Clear Results With These Three Mixers for the Wastewater Treatment Sector

Get Clear Results With These Three Mixers for the Wastewater Treatment Sector

GridBee and SolarBee Floating Wastewater Mixers from Ixom Watercare.

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In the wastewater treatment industry, effective mixing systems play a vital role in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of treatment processes. Not only do these systems ensure even distribution of treatment chemicals and solids, but they also prevent the settling of sediments and promote better water circulation. Modern mixers are designed to tackle a variety of challenges faced by wastewater treatment plants, including the formation of scum blankets, suspension of solids and energy consumption. Today, we explore a few mixers options in the wastewater treatment sector.

Ixom Watercare GridBee and SolarBee Floating Wastewater Mixers
GridBee and SolarBee Floating Wastewater Mixers from Ixom Watercare are designed to solve a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater quality problems including high energy costs, EPA discharge permit violations and odor control. Not only can these powerful mixers operate 24/7 to improve overall treatment, they can also supply most of the mixing energy required in any treatment pond, which in turn can reduce the operational hours of the existing aeration/mixing system. Available power options include fully grid, fully solar and combined grid-solar. Applications include wastewater ponds, activated sludge, water reuse/effluent storage ponds, and anaerobic ponds. 866-437-8076;

JDV Equipment Nozzle Mix System
The Nozzle Mix System from JDV Equipment is a dual-zone mixing technology that provides uniform mixing patterns that produce even distribution and a stable environment. It can help optimize solids suspension and contact to promote efficiency in a wide range of applications. The system is designed with pumps installed outside the tanks to facilitate ease of maintenance. The pumps are typically chopper pumps or pumps incorporating in-line grinders that prevent fibrous materials from accumulating and causing plugging problems. The application dictates which type(s) of the many varied pump options can be used. The high-velocity nozzles are mounted inside the tank and are oriented to discharge in a flow pattern that completely mixes the tank contents. 973-366-6556;

Vaughan Turbo-S Mixer 
The Turbo-S Mixer from the Vaughan is a small, powerful propeller mixer that is mounted vertically inside an 18-inch elbow and is capable of mixing a pit with just 2 feet of liquid above the floor. It incorporates an upper cutter above the propeller to stop wrapping and fibrous material binding to protect the mechanical seal. It can be used in dairy manure mixing and in municipal treatment plant anoxic zone mixing and oxidation ditches. It can be quickly implemented in primary influent channels, Bardenpho basin mixing, scum blanket mixing and primary sludge storage mixing. Additionally an optional turntable can allow it to be easily re-aimed in the pit. 888-249-2467;


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