Digester Technologies That Enhance Solids Handling, Mixing and Temperature Control

Digester Technologies That Enhance Solids Handling, Mixing and Temperature Control

The Anaergia Omnivore.

Advancements in digester components are elevating the efficiency and versatility of these units. Modern technologies are enhancing solids handling capabilities, ensuring optimal mixing for biogas production, and providing precise temperature control. Check out the products below if you're interested in converting low-solids digesters to high-solids powerhouses or heating systems designed for precision and durability.

Anaergia Omnivore
The Omnivore is Anaergia’s high solids approach to anaerobic digestion. It incorporates advanced mixing and robust thickening systems to convert low-solids digesters into high-solids digesters (5 to 8%). It adapts to take on increased sludge loading without requiring new construction and supercharges biogas and energy projects by enabling co-digestion of high-strength waste. The system consists of a screw thickener combined with the OmniMix, a high-performance submersible mixer that delivers 30,000 gpm of flow, with a connected load of only 12.5 kW and an average power draw of 6kW and can mix solids up to 12%. It features a gearless direct drive motor and a dynamic mixer that allows operators to adjust the mixer position to break up floating layers and re-suspend grit. The service box lets operators access the mixer without taking the digesters out of service, streamlining O&M. 866-978-9785; www.anaergia.com

Hydro-Thermal Non-Obstructing Heater 
Hydro-Thermal’s Non-Obstructing Heater is suitable for heating and maintaining the digester’s precise temperature (+/- 1 degree F) for improving methane production and sludge stabilization. It also eliminates hot or cold spots in the digester, even during the winter months. It utilizes a small footprint, with direct installation into the existing piping. It is produced using wear and corrosion-resistant metallurgies to withstand grit and highly abrasive materials. Its straight-through design can ensure that rags or wipes do not get caught and plug the heater. With its unrestricted flow there are minimal pressure drops, allowing for a wide range of heating capacity. The heaters have no hot surfaces where burn-on can begin to occur. 800-952-0121; www.hydro-thermal.com


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