Auger Heater Keeps Screw Conveyor From Freezing in New York

A case study from a new wastewater treatment plant in Dunkirk shows how a Thermo-Tech auger heater stops a freezing issue and dries biosolids

Auger Heater Keeps Screw Conveyor From Freezing in New York

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Problem: A new wastewater treatment plant in Dunkirk, New York, was designed with a biosolids auger that extends outside for truck loading. The temperature frequently dips to -20 degrees F. To prevent freezing of wet material, the architect sought a solution to heat the auger.

Solution: The architect specified a Thermo-Tech auger heater. The unit operates in conditions down to -40 degrees F, and its stainless steel, weather-tight construction stands up to harsh elements. It is IP68 rated and thermostatically controlled. Installation was completed on a -15 degree F day and immediately went into action.

Result: The system not only stopped the freezing issue and also dried the biosolids, preventing freezing in the trucks. 304-259-5860;


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