Analytical Instrumentation Is the Science Behind Safe Water

Analytical Instrumentation Is the Science Behind Safe Water

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Analytical instrumentation offers a more precise, reliable and efficient ways to monitor and analyze water quality. These instruments play a critical role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of water treatment processes, aiding in regulatory compliance and reducing operational costs. From online chlorine analyzers to optical spectrometers and wet chemistry analyzers, technological advancements like those below are making waves in how we manage and treat water.

HORIBA Scientific Aqualog
The HORIBA Scientific Aqualog is an optical spectrometer that is the gold standard in environmental water research around the world for the study of color dissolved organic matter. It complies with ASTM D8431, and meets the needs of environmental water researchers around the world studying CDOM using fluorescence spectroscopy. Formerly researchers were using scanning spectrofluorometers to slowly acquire a 3D matrix of the fluorescence excitation and fluorescence emission spectra, called an Excitation Emission Matrix. The EEM provides a fingerprint for studying dissolved organic matter, however it took up to an hour to collect a single EEM profile, tying the researcher to the lab bench for the entire day. The Aqualog vastly improves the speed with which fluorescence EEMs are collected, dramatically increase the dynamic range across which EEM fingerprints are quantitative, and simultaneously acquires absorbance spectra for absorbance and color analysis of non-fluorescent molecules present in water. The technique that the Aqualog employs is an Absorbance-Transmission Excitation Emission Matrix, or A-TEEM. 866-562-4698;

HF scientific, a Watts Brand CLX Online Chlorine Analyzer
Enjoy easy, online analysis and accurate readings with the CLX Online Chlorine Analyzer from HF scientific, a Watts brand. Colorimetric DPD chemistry precisely measures free or total residual chlorine. All-in-one construction offers an integrated controller and fewer moving parts, with easy access to reagents and service functions. Its flow-through cuvette flushes out debris during each cycle and utilizes a double-verified reagent injection process for maximum precision. The unit flushes the cuvette and takes a zero reading before injecting reagents for accurate readings, even as the glass becomes dirty. This means no more erratic trend graph readings, messy sample chambers that backflow into reagent bottles, or routine cleaning of the sample chamber. The latter, combined with low-volume reagent use and user-selectable features allows for up to 30 days of unattended, uninterrupted operation as well as low total operating and maintenance costs. 888-203-7248;

YSI, a Xylem brand Alyza IQ 
The Alyza IQ from YSI, a Xylem brand is an online wet chemistry analyzer platform developed to help ensure regulatory compliance, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. It is designed to minimize analyzer maintenance while maximizing accuracy and reliability. It features automatic cleanings and calibrations, no-spill reagent containers, and uses only 5 to 15 microliters of reagent per measurement, resulting in fewer reagent changes over time. The analyzer platform has a fully automated temperature control system with a double-insulated cabinet to maximize performance regardless of where it’s deployed. The Alyza NH4 continuously measures ammonium and can be used to help control ammonia-based aeration and ensure regulatory compliance. The Alyza PO4 continuously measures orthophosphate to monitor and control chemical-P removal, verify bio-P removal and help ensure regulatory compliance. 937-767-7241;


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