Product News: OZ Lifting Products, Patterson, In-Situ and More

In this month's product news update, browse the latest products exclusively for the water and wastewater treatment industry

Product News: OZ Lifting Products, Patterson, In-Situ and More

OZ Lifting XR Series davit crane

OZ Lifting XR Series davit cranes
OZ Lifting Products has launched its XR Series of davit cranes for wastewater and water operators. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer has released the model in 500 and 1,000 pound capacities, but the long reach of the range is a standout benefit for operators. Where other davit cranes typically have reduced capacity when it is in the longest reaching position, this series maintains its maximum capacity rating in all configurations. This means wastewater and water professionals can lift more weight, further out, which presents many benefits for numerous lifting and material handling applications. The smaller crane weighs only 57 pounds and the larger crane weighs 95 pounds. Both have a maximum 62-inch reach and maximum hook height of 87 inches. 800-749-1064;

Patterson portable davit cranes for mobile lifting
Patterson davit cranes allow for servicing multiple locations with a single piece of equipment, minimizing upfront investment. The low maintenance, easy-to-assemble crane can be used at the plant or on a truck for lifting pumps and other equipment in and out of pits and manholes. The cranes are now available with an optional magnet attachment that is perfect for lifting road eyes and other metal pieces weighing up to 2,000 pounds. Built with Patterson’s hallmark safety and durability, the crane and magnet attachment were developed with the highest quality materials. The crane features a brake that keeps loads in position without creeping and comes standard with a hot-dipped galvanized finish, steel sheaves and stainless steel hardware to prevent rust and corrosion. Available in 1/2- and 1-ton capacities, the cranes are built for safety, minimal maintenance, extended life — reducing cost and increased efficiency. Learn more and watch the assembly video online. 800-322-2018;

In-Situ Aqua TROLL 700 and 800 sondes
In-Situ’s Aqua TROLL 700 and 800 multiparameter sondes hold six Aqua TROLL sensors and an automatic antifouling wiper. The seven-port water monitoring instruments expand the company’s Aqua TROLL portfolio, which now includes both five-port and seven-port water quality sondes for a variety of surface water, coastal, groundwater and aquaculture applications. Both instruments are ideal for long-term continuous monitoring and spot checking in freshwater, brackish water and saltwater environments. And both are part of In-Situ’s shared ecosystem of products designed to work together from handheld to cable to communication. Available in vented and non-vented options, both the 700 and 800 connect to VuLink telemetry for remote monitoring or the Wireless TROLL Com for communication with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device using the free VuSitu mobile app. The Aqua TROLL 800 has internal battery power, internal logging and a micro SD card for backup data storage. 800-446-7488;

KROHNE TIDALFLUX 2300 F flowmeter
KROHNE’s TIDALFLUX 2300 F electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow measurement solution ideal for partially filled pipes. It provides reliable flow measurement in pipes between 10 and 100% full. It features a non-contact sensor that is unaffected by oils and fats floating on the surface. Its smooth surface prevents buildup, minimizing the need for regular cleaning. Available in diameters to fit pipes up to 72 inches, TIDALFLUX 2300 F has high chemical and an abrasion resistant polyurethane liner to provide durability. The electromagnetic flowmeter features an integrated, non-contact capacitive level measurement and a Class 1 Division 2 rating for use in hazardous environments. The flowmeter is an great choice for municipal or industrial wastewater transport application, and can also be used for measurement of effluent brine from dredging, mining or sea/well water injection applications. 800-356-9464;

Nuvonic UV Connect remote access device
Nuvonic UV Connect is a cost-effective solution that offers remote access to industrial computers, reducing downtime and site visits. It’s a remote access device that allows the WEUVCARE team (Nuvonic’s service team), to access the UV system programmable logic controllers for remote troubleshooting and monitoring of systems without physically going on-site. The device uses a cloud-based remote-connectivity solution so the UVCARE team can connect remotely using a VNC Viewer Software package. UV Connect offers 24/7 global remote access and can be used with any product with Allen Bradley PLCs. It comes in two variants; a device that allows connectivity through an active internet connection or a 4G mobile connection. 800-925-0440;


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