Enhance Your Biosolids Treatment With Advanced Heaters and Dryers

Enhance Your Biosolids Treatment With Advanced Heaters and Dryers

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Wastewater treatment processes generate biosolids as a byproduct, which require proper handling, heating and drying before disposal or reuse. Proper heat treatment of these biosolids is essential for pathogen reduction, volume reduction and converting them into a beneficial product. Furthermore, with the rising concerns regarding contaminants like PFAS, it is more critical than ever to have advanced and efficient biosolids heaters and dryers. Let's delve into two innovative biosolids heaters and dryers that are at the forefront of wastewater treatment technology.

Veolia Water Technologies BioCon ERS 
Rising concern of PFAS contamination of water and soil has sparked interest in this emerging contaminant as it pertains to wastewater sewage sludge. BioCon ERS from Veolia Water Technologies offers a safe and sustainable drying and combustion system for treating PFAS-laden municipal biosolids. It combines the efficiencies of a convective air medium-temperature belt dryer with a biomass furnace, which uses the dryer output (dry product) as a biofuel. The heat available in the exhaust is captured and used as process heat in the belt dryer. This integrated dryer and energy recovery system is sustained by heat generated by the combustion of biosolids to drive the drying process, and in turn the dried material fuels the combustion system, making it a fully energy sufficient and sustainable operation. It combusts sludge between 1,400 and 1,800 degrees F, which is higher than the minimum temperature required for PFAS destruction. 919-677-8310; www.veoliawatertech.com

JDV Equipment Sludge Heater and Exchanger System
The Sludge Heater and Exchanger System from JDV Equipment ensures optimal thermal efficiency for anaerobic digestion. The counter-flow tube-in-tube Ralph B. Carter design promotes high efficiency heat transfer with minimal fouling to recirculated biosolids. The integrated three-way blending valve maintains a uniform inlet water temperature for increased digester operational efficiency. Each system is manufactured to ASME standards. 973-366-6556; www.jdvequipment.com


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