Three Commercial Formulas That Promise to Improve WWTP Biology

Three Commercial Formulas That Promise to Improve WWTP Biology

Byo-Gon PX-109

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Biofiltration products promise a healthier biological system for waste decomposition, with fewer environmental impacts and lower operational costs. From harnessing enzyme activity to enhance organic material consumption to leveraging live bacteria cultures for organic waste degradation and odor neutralization, these products are setting new benchmarks in the industry. Check them out below.

Byo-Gon PX-109
Byo-Gon PX-109 is a non-toxic, non-corrosive and 100% organic and biodegradable alkaloid compound used for eliminating grease, sewage odor and hydrogen sulfide from restaurant grease traps, lagoons and municipal sewage systems. As a stimulant to enzymatic activity at the cellular level, it promotes more rapid cell growth and consumption of organic material, overcoming limiting environmental factors to stabilize wastewater systems. Its use promotes healthy biological systems, preventing the need for large capital expenditures, as well as reducing costs. It is organically certified by OMRI. 888-296-4661;

Prodex BAE
BAE, or Biological Activity Enhancer, from Prodex is an organic liquid formula for use in aerobic and anaerobic environments to improve operational efficiency and maximize renewable energy production. As the green component to the engineered infrastructure, it provides plants with a low-cost biostimulant for existing microbes, increasing activity and populations to give the plant the best biology possible. Wastewater treatment plants can use it to boost biogas production, convert food waste to energy, help remove nitrogen, in maintenance dosage/emergency use, to reduce operational costs such as hauling, chemicals and energy, enhance plant operational efficiency and stability, improve solids handling and sludge settling, and accelerate recovery after plant upsets. By maximizing the microbial workforce, it helps the industry work toward cleaner water resources and a greener energy supply. 856-234-4540;

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Enz-O-Matic 
The Enz-O-Matic biological organic waste degrader and odor eliminator from Surco Portable Sanitation Products includes a high concentration of non-pathogenic, live bacteria cultures designed to rapidly degrade organic wastes with a blend of surfactants and odor counteractant fragrance. It is nonpolluting, contains no acids or toxins and is certified Salmonella-free. It contains over 200 billion live bacteria cultures per gallon. The bacteria count doubles every 20 to 30 minutes to provide continuous enzyme production. Enzymes digest and liquefy grease, blood, urine, vomit, feces, sewage and other organic substances, neutralizing odors on contact, according to the maker. It can be used for drainlines, septic tanks, grease traps and septic spills. 412-789-8683;


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