A Headworks Screening Partner for the Long Haul

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A Headworks Screening Partner for the Long Haul

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When operators at the water treatment facility in Fulton, Illinois, were having to manually clean and remove screenings, Dan Clark, the Fulton public works director, knew it was time for a new bar screen.

The Fulton headworks facility dates back to the 1940s, with its last big renovation completed in 1961. The older facility had installed a bar screen from a local business, which had supported their operations for many years. When the bar screen began to wear out, Clark’s team of 11 workers was spending several hours each day manually cleaning the screenings. The facility’s age and depth — it’s more than 20 feet down in the ground — only made removing the screenings more difficult. “Our operators were manually going down to clean those screens and bring those screenings up, which was a big safety problem,” Clark says.

Fulton’s original bar screen had been ineffective for more than two years when Clark started entertaining bids for a new screen. “The old screen was made out of carbon steel, and with all the acidic sewage that comes through our facility, its life span was much shorter than we hoped for,” he says.

The ability to stand up to corrosion was at the top of Clark’s priorities when he hit the market looking for a new band screen. His research turned up JWC Environmental’s Bar Screen Monster, which offers corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, including the drive chains. “We started talking with JWC, and they came in and took some measurements. I was really impressed with their thoroughness and how they fabricated the piece of equipment.”

The Fulton facility was thrilled to replace the worn-out screen in 2013 with the Chain and Rake Monster from JWC, which eliminated the need for the facility’s operators to manually handle and remove the screenings. After a few years of use, however, an operational error caused the screen to become misaligned and not operate at its optimal performance.

Since Clark was happy with the screen’s overall effectiveness, as well as the relationship he had cultivated with JWC, he wanted to investigate options for repairing the screen instead of looking for a new screen. He was put in contact with the JWC Service Solutions team to discuss options. “The screen was new, there really was not anything wrong with it,” he says. “I was impressed when JWC came back and said that we could either replace just a few pieces or replace all of the chain for just slightly more and receive another year of warranty.”

Clark and the city of Fulton decided to take advantage of the JWC Service Solution’s offer, which included replacement of the chain, as part of the JWC’s Screen Rebuild Program. “The cost was just a few thousand dollars more, and it made sense to have all new parts instead of trying to replace just a few of the broken pieces. JWC doing the work at our plant and the new warranty on the full screen was too good to pass up.”

The JWC Service Solutions team came on site and repaired and replaced the necessary parts on the bar screen, bringing Fulton’s facility back up to speed. “I was very impressed with their engineering and design and the ease of maintenance,” Clark says. “I hope that the rebuilt screen makes it through my lifetime at the facility — and I’m sure it will.”

The screens rebuild program gives operators a chance to optimize performance and extend the life of their equipment. The highly trained JWC Service Solutions team repairs or rebuilds JWC screens on site, to bring equipment back to “like new” condition. The exclusive program replaces all worn parts of the screen including the drive chains, and provides a one-year warranty on the parts and labor.

The goal of the JWC Service Solutions program is to offer equipment owners, like Clark, options to reduce the likelihood of unexpected failures, extend equipment life and improve operational efficiency. It is right in line with the company’s philosophy that a purchase of any Monster product represents a long-term commitment of service and support for years to come.


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