Product News: October 2022

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Product News: October 2022

Patterson Davit Crane lifts large loads in tight spaces
With a boom that can be adjusted to nearly 45 degrees, the Patterson Davit Crane offers adequate reach and allows for clearance over obstructions such as handrails. The low maintenance, easy-to-assemble design is available in ½-ton and 1-ton capacities and comes standard with a hot-dipped galvanized finish and stainless steel hardware to prevent rust and corrosion in wet work environments. Following Patterson’s tradition of safety-focused innovation, the davit features a reliable brake to keep loads in position without creeping. For over 160 years Patterson has been a trusted supplier of winches, rigging, fittings, and custom products for lifting applications. Patterson Davit Cranes are made in the U.S.A. and deliver on the company’s promise of helping businesses run safer, easier and faster. 800-322-2018

OZ Lifting Products Tele-Pro davit crane
OZ Lifting Products’ patented Tele-Pro davit crane features an industry-first telescoping boom adjustment that can be moved in and out while under load. A ratchet screw jack allows the user to adjust the boom from horizontal to 45 degrees while under load and the 360-degree rotation of the crane allows a full range of motion. Smart latch technology at the boom/mast means no tools are required for assembly. A zinc-plated finish provides added corrosion protection. The Tele-Pro is available in 500-, 1,200- and 2,500-pound capacities. AC and DC electric winches are optional on the 500- and 1,200-pound models, or manual winch with drill drive adapter is available for all three models. The cranes are made in the U.S. and each one is individually tested and certified at 125%. 800-749-1064;

Hemco chemical resistant island canopy hoods
Hemco’s island canopy hoods are designed to collect and exhaust corrosive vapors, heat, steam and odors when mounted over areas with water baths, hot plates or portable equipment. Manufactured of molded one-piece composite resin, the canopy hoods are lightweight and can be wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The canopy fume hood’s glass smooth surfaces provide chemical, corrosion and heat resistance. Optional side panels prevent cross drafts and further improve airflow while providing a way to contain chemical spills. 800-779-4362;

Spencer Strainer Systems self-cleaning filters
Spencer Strainer Systems self-cleaning filters remove oversize particles from process or wastewater flows of up to 2,500 gpm without filter elements or bags. Various sized models are available for continuous process flow of up to 100 gpm, up to 400 gpm, and up to 2,500 gpm. Wedgewire or perforated screens of various openings are available and interchangeable, allowing one strainer to be used for multiple applications. They are suitable for aseptic operations and work well as pre-filters upstream of membranes, centrifuges and other fine filter media. An optional mobile stand allows the units to be moved where needed. 800-801-4977;

QED LANDTEC BIOGAS 3000 fixed gas analyzer
QED Environmental Systems’ new LANDTEC BIOGAS 3000 fixed gas analyzer offers continuous monitoring of the complete gas production process. The compact, self-contained system can utilize up to four sample ports to monitor methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen, with optional monitoring of hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen and carbon monoxide levels. Operators can choose up to five gases to monitor. The device features easy self-installation and maintenance, and QED provides a temporary replacement unit during service, resulting in zero operational downtime for servicing. The BIOGAS 3000 system offers simple user calibration and an easy-to-operate system. The system is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 standards for optimum accuracy. 734-995-2547;

Endress+Hauser disinfection sensors and accessories
Endress+Hauser released new liquid analysis disinfection sensors and accessories for measurement in more applications, adding the CCS55D Memosens free bromine sensor, CCS58D Memosens ozone sensor and Flowfit CYA27 assembly to its product family. The CYA27 assembly is designed to be freely configurable, accommodating a wide range of sensors, including disinfection, pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. It also offers flow monitoring and diagnostic indicator options to ensure reliable measurement, covering a wide range of disinfection applications. The CCS55D measures free bromine in seawater, swimming pools, process and cooling water, fish farming applications and more. The CCS58D ozone sensor supports this with inline measurement using the Liquiline transmitter and Memosens digital sensor technology platforms. 888-363-7377;

Lovibond TB350 turbidimeter
Ideal for field and environmental testing, the EPA-approved TB350 turbidimeter from Lovibond delivers reliable measurements for low range to high range samples without sacrificing accuracy. The optical system is engineered with dual detectors to deliver a ratio reading which mitigates common measurement stability issues. The intuitive, touchscreen interface makes it easy to perform procedures and interpret results. The data logging capabilities allow you to record the testing location, operator’s identification, time and date along with the measurement. Stored data can be transferred to a computer via USB. It comes ready-to-use with sample cells, silicone oil and calibration standards in a carrying case. And a fast-settling mode increases accuracy of readings with large or heavy particles. 800-922-5242;

Andritz C-Press screw press
The Andritz C-Press screw press provides high performance combined with compact design, and a low operating cost in the sludge dewatering process. With its direct drive system and conical shaft with constant screw pitch, the C-Press has a feed capacity ranging from 4 to 418 gpm, with an outlet capacity from 44 to 2,866 lbs/h. In addition to a long life cycle, the press also offers easy operation, low maintenance and reduced water consumption. The screw speed is automatically adjusted according to the input oscillation, ensuring a continuous flow with optimized performance in drying and capture rate, even during the washing phases. The C-press complies with all regulations on such issues as safety, hygiene and environmental protection. 800-433-5161;

Blackline Safety G6 personal gas detector
Blackline Safety’s new connected, wearable for single-gas detection, the G6 personal gas detector, offers fast incident response time and a more efficient way to manage safety and compliance. G6’s long-lasting connectivity means industrial organizations can fully harness real-time vital safety data in scenarios where disposable, traditional beep-and-flash detectors are commonly used. Using the latest in IoT cellular connectivity, G6 delivers expanded benefits such as longer battery life, lower cost of ownership and fewer false alarms. Sensor options quickly alert workers to exposure of toxic gases, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and sulfur dioxide. Utilizing the Blackline Live software portal, it provides the ability to view an entire fleet of devices from a single screen and deliver automatic, over-the-air firmware and configuration updates. 877-869-7212;

ControlAir Type 855 BP miniature back pressure regulator
ControlAir’s Type 855BP miniature back pressure regulator is a compact relief valve that provides economical, high performance pressure relief with an adjustable set point. It is a normally closed valve that will remain closed until the inlet pressure exceeds the regulator’s set point. The Type 855BP is capable of relieving at a rate up to 35 scfm and is available in 1/4-inch NPT porting. The regulator will handle a 250 psi maximum system pressure and offers five setpoint pressure ranges from 0 to 5 psi, up to 0 to 100 psi. The push-pull locking knob feature prevents inadvertent pressure adjustment. 603-886-9400;

Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro5 personal gas monitor
Industrial Scientific’s new Photo-Ionization Detector sensor for the Ventis Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitor makes it a compact, versatile and connected five-gas personal monitor that can reliably detect volatile organic compounds. The Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor allows users to detect VOCs with their personal monitor, reducing the need for additional bulky handheld monitors and supplementary devices. Additionally, with peer-to-peer, satellite, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity options, the Ventis Pro5 continues to increase situational awareness and decrease emergency response times by sharing real-time location data, man-down alarms, and gas alerts (including VOC exposure), so safety teams immediately know who needs help, what happened and where they’re located. 800-338-3287;


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