Product News: August 2022

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Product News: August 2022

Patterson Manufacturing Davit Cranes
Give your operations a lift with Patterson Davit Cranes, available in ½-ton and 1-ton capacities. The low maintenance, easy-to-assemble design offers adequate reach to accommodate lifting large loads within tight spaces, and a boom that can be adjusted to nearly 45 degrees to allow for clearance over obstructions such as handrails. Built for durability, it comes standard with a hot-dipped galvanized finish and stainless steel hardware to prevent rust and corrosion in wet work environments. Following Patterson’s tradition of safety-focused innovation, the davit features a reliable brake to keep loads in position without creeping. For over 160 years Patterson has been a trusted supplier of winches, rigging, fittings and custom products for lifting applications. Patterson Davit Cranes are made in the U.S.A. and deliver on the company’s promise of helping businesses run safer, easier and faster. Find out how Patterson can improve employee safety and positively impact your bottom line. 800-322-2018

OZ Lifting Products Tele-Pro davit crane
OZ Lifting Products’ patented Tele-Pro davit crane features an industry-first telescoping boom adjustment that can be moved in and out while under load. A ratchet screw jack allows the user to adjust the boom from horizontal to 45 degrees while under load and the 360-degree rotation of the crane allows a full range of motion. Smart latch technology at the boom/mast means no tools are required for assembly. A zinc-plated finish provides added corrosion protection. The Tele-Pro is available in 500-, 1,200- and 2,500-pound capacities. AC and DC electric winches are optional on the 500- and 1,200-pound models, or manual winch with drill drive adapter is available for all three models. The cranes are made in the U.S. and each one is individually tested and certified at 125%. 800-749-1064;

ATC Diversified SENSERT remote I/O monitor
ATC Diversified Electronics introduces SENSERT, a remote I/O sensor monitor that works with virtually any standard sensor. SENSERT gives plant maintenance teams the freedom to monitor sensors wirelessly and remotely for a wide range of conditions, including temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, presence of voltage and others. Up to five remote I/Os can be wirelessly linked to a single SENSERT base unit. SENSERT features cloud-based data, Android and iOS compatibility, and real-time alerts configurable through the SENSERT mobile app or web portal. Each channel can be configured for a high and low threshold value as well as custom alerts. Remotely monitor critical processes for a wide range of plant conditions using the sensors you already have in place with SENSERT. 304-387-1200;

Blue-White Industries FLEXFLO M5 metering pump
The FLEXFLO M5 peristaltic metering pump from Blue-White Industries will accurately dose chemical up to .0124 to 540 gph at motor speeds of 75 rpm, increasing tube life and creating energy efficiencies. FLEXFLO does not require external components. The chemically resistant enclosure houses an energy efficient brushless DC motor, premium control boards and all connections (manual, remote analog/digital, EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFIBUS). The M5’s roller assembly reduces pulsations by 80% and the pump tube assemblies and dual-channel tubing deliver excellent tube life. Casters placed on the back of the pump and handles situated on the pump head cover assist in moving the large pump and help with making the installation process easy. 714-893-8529;

Flomatic Valves air and vacuum MAXIAIR valves
The new AIS-compliant air and vacuum MAXIAIR valve from Flomatic Valves features a strong fusion-bonded epoxy-coated ductile iron body and cover with 316 stainless steel internals. Engineered to meet AWWA Standard C512 for clean water pumping applications, it has a two-bolt Quick Access cover, resilient Buna-N seating and full nominal pipe size threaded female inlet and outlet ports. MAXIAIR air/vacuum valves exhaust large quantities of air at system startup and admit large quantities of air to provide pipeline vacuum protection when negative pressure develops during power failures or pipeline breaks. 800-833-2040; www

Gorman-Rupp Eradicator Plus solids reduction technology
Gorman-Rupp’s Eradicator Plus solids reduction technology for 3-, 4- and 6-inch Super T Series self-priming centrifugal trash pumps is designed for the most extreme-duty applications in the municipal, industrial and agricultural markets. The Eradicator Plus is ideal when cutting and tearing of organic solids entering the pump is required. Features include an easily removable lightweight inspection cover, back cover plate incorporating an obstruction-free flow path and a hard iron continuous vane impeller with a thick back shroud to prevent debris buildup. For new Super T Series pump installations, complete units are available in cast iron. Upgrade kits are available and will include all components needed to make an easy on site conversion. 419-755-1011;

GF Piping Systems LOKX System ductile iron fitting
GF Piping Systems’ LOKX System ductile iron fitting from GF Central Plastics is designed specifically for use with C900 PVC and CIOD HDPE pipe in buried applications. The new system eliminates the need for any bolts or assembly tools. Engineered with a deep bell design, the LOKX System’s ductile iron push-on style fitting has deflection capabilities of up to a total of 10 degrees in any direction (5 degrees deflection per bell). Another key feature is its internal self-restraining gasket that eliminates pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting separation, even at high pressures. The self-restraining gasket has a low insertion force in addition to a lip-seal design with 316 stainless steel gripping segments. When fully engaged, the segments self-engage to form a 360-degree restraint that prevents pipe distortion and point loading. The LOKX System is manufactured to AWWA C153 with a minimum working pressure of 350 psi. 800-854-4090;

Bally Ribbon industrial fabrics
Bally Ribbon Mills offers fabrics constructed of specialty polymer fibers that help achieve filtration application manufacturing challenges, including reducing environmental impacts and energy production. Specialty fabric polymer selection is determined by the type of gas or air being filtered. Fabrics used are composed of either polyester or polyphenylene sulfide for applications in which greater heat and acid resistance is required. BRM’s specialty fabrics, available in a wide variety of fiber combinations and weave structures, are used in filtration applications requiring controlled air permeability and water porosity, as well as high seam strength and structural reinforcements for industrial air filtration applications. Seamless woven tubular fabrics can be created with a completely uniform fabric structure. 610-845-2211;

QED Environmental Systems Stabilizer LFG well caps 
The Stabilizer landfill gas well cap from QED Environmental Systems features a unique support ring molded directly into the cap that aligns and stabilizes the LFG wellhead and reduces leaks. The well cap’s durable, heavy-walled polyethylene construction makes it ideal for any climate. The cap’s innovative support-ring design takes pressure off the flexible coupling and the flex hose and, along with watertight threads, reduces the potential for leaks at the wellhead. The Stabilizer LFG well caps are designed to work with 6- and 8-inch diameter wells with 2- or 3-inch gas wellheads. An economy model is available for 6-inch gas-only wells. 734-995-2547;

IDEC ferrule and crimping tool product line
IDEC Corp. released a new line of S3TL series ferrules, wire strippers, crimpers and screwdrivers. Ferrules provide improved mechanical and electrical connections as opposed to using bare wire. The IDEC S3TL ferrule product line includes various sizes accommodating wire gauges from AWG 26 to AWG 8, each with one or two wires, depending on part number. The ferrules are UL 486F certified when used together with S3TL series crimping tools. The strippers and crimpers are ergonomically designed for comfortable function with minimal required force. Crimping tools include a ratchet function that does not release until the connection is fully completed, ensuring work quality by eliminating errors and avoiding crimp faults. Screwdrivers are IEC60900:2004 and VDE certified with insulation of up to 1000-volt AC and 1500-volt DC, providing safe user protection against electrical shock. 800-262-4332;

Fluoramics LOX-8 full-density PTFE tape
Fluoramics has added additional sizes and lengths to its selection of LOX-8 full-density PTFE tapes. The 1/4-inch wide oxygen-safe tape is now available in lengths of 260 and 520 inches. The LOX-8 tape comes in 1/4-, 1/2- and 3/4-inch widths in two different lengths of each size. The tape has a temperature range of negative 400 degrees F to 550 degrees F and is waterproof. 800-922-0075;

KROHNE SUMMIT 8800 flow computer 
KROHNE’s SUMMIT 8800, a flow computer with Measurement Canada approval for gas flow measurement, unites custody transfer, fiscal and allocation metering within a single flow computer. The computer’s high security features also protect end user data, making the product adaptable and scalable to meet the strictest Measurement Canada requirements. The computer is equipped with an approved Self-Contained (Type A) event logger for separate security levels within one device. Its cables are also sealed and cannot be disconnected. 800-356-9464;

In-Situ TurbiTechw² suspended solids sensor
The TurbiTechw² suspended solids sensor from In-Situ includes a large optical surface and self-cleaning mechanism designed to deliver reliable data. The TurbiTechw² can also be used to measure returned activated sludge, surplus activated sludge and suspended solids or turbidity. The sensors use a solid state infrared light source for stable measurements. The automatic cleaning process takes only 90 seconds, which means the sensor is available for readings 99.5% of the time. 800-446-7488;


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