PET Secures Global Distribution Rights for Phosphorus Absorbing Pellets

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Phoslock Environmental Technologies recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with United States-based Water Warriors Inc. to distribute a product for phosphorus removal from freshwater sources including stormwater, agricultural runoff and municipal wastewater.

As a solution to addressing flowable water remediation issues, the product is highly complementary to PET’s own technology and addresses one of the company’s key strategic objectives of broadening its technology and service offerings into additional market segments. 

The distribution rights granted to PET are exclusive and cover global markets including the United States, Europe, Canada, South America, China, Australia and New Zealand for an initial period of two years and an option to extend, subject to PET meeting certain performance criteria. 

Water Warriors technology was developed under a Co-operative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and has been successfully trialed in various wastewater settings over the past two years. The pellets are manufactured from natural materials, are insoluble in water and are environmentally safe to use, according to the manufacturer. Recovered nutrients have the potential to be reused as part of a soil enhancement product. 

“Our technology offers a turnkey, easy-to-implement solution, designed to simplify nutrient treatment for settings that do not have resources available to build new facilities or have unique application needs,” says Water Warriors CEO John Gradek. 

PET Managing Director and CEO Lachlan McKinnon says the Water Warriors technology was introduced to PET via the Milwaukee-based Water Council, a nonprofit organization and global hub dedicated to solving critical global water challenges by driving freshwater innovation and advancing water stewardship. 

“The addition of the new product — which will be marketed as ‘Phosflow’ — enables PET to offer a total solution to phosphorus remediation challenges in freshwater settings,” says McKinnon. “We have assessed a number of potential technologies that are focused on removing harmful and unwanted nutrients from flowable water settings such as agricultural runoff, stormwater and industrial discharges, and this product has demonstrated impressive results to date, with tests showing it can absorb around 80 mg of phosphate ion per gram of pellets. Together with Phoslock’s global leading position as a treatment solution in still-water settings, Phosflow enables PET to offer a total solution and expand its reach into additional market segments.” 

PET will market the Phosflow pellets through its own sales channels and distribution network.


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