Improve Effluent Quality and Reduce Turbidity with the MRI Inclined Plate Settler

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Improve Effluent Quality and Reduce Turbidity with the MRI Inclined Plate Settler

MRI’s Inclined Plate Settler System has proven to deliver the highest flow rates and solids removal available, providing unsurpassed clarifier function and consistent effluent quality. The system is more economical than traditional clarifiers due to an increased capacity, reduced footprint and construction cost savings.

A unique flow control system composed of top support/outlet tubes distributes flow evenly across the entire system by creating a precise amount of headloss at the sludge/effluent separation point at the top of the plate. This even distribution enables a consistent flow rate and low turbidity throughout the sedimentation process, producing high-quality effluent, typically <1 NTU even during incoming turbidity spikes.

Features and benefits include:

  • An all-stainless steel, self-cleaning system for long lasting durability
  • A flat plate top deck provides the safest operator access on the market with the ability to hold 500-plus pounds over one square foot of surface area
  • Maximum 2-inch water level above the plate top deck allows for cleaning during full-flow operation
  • Optional patented plate and trough covers reduce operating expenses and eliminate algae growth, ice and contamination
  • NSF-61 certified specifically by NSF for superior product health and safety confidence

MRI also provides in-house lab testing, full-scale pilots, and performance guarantees for the ultimate confidence. 

Combined with Parkson and the original Lamella, MRI is a leader in the inclined plate settler market with over 50 years of experience and thousands of installations worldwide.

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