Combined Gravity Settler and Continuous Backwash Sand Filter Provide Enhanced Nutrient Removal Advantage

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Combined Gravity Settler and Continuous Backwash Sand Filter Provide Enhanced Nutrient Removal Advantage


With increasing population trends and facing tighter nutrient regulations on the horizon, a municipal wastewater treatment facility in Georgia was in search of a technology to help them achieve under the discharge permit level of 0.14 mg/L phosphorus. The facility receives an average daily flow of 5.0 mgd of primarily municipal wastewater in addition to wastewater from a poultry processing plant. Effluent is then emptied into Little River.


After extensive on-site pilot testing, an integrated design was selected featuring both Parkson’s Lamella Gravity Settler and DynaSand Continuous Backwash Media Filter. This combination delivered the best results and far exceeded the technical performance criteria 100% of the time.

Chemically conditioned wastewater is directed (post-SBR) to four basins with four sets of Lamella plate packs. The Lamella Gravity Settler in the plate pack configuration serves as a secondary clarifier and requires a significantly smaller footprint when compared to conventional clarifiers. Additionally equipped with Parkson’s EcoFlow technology, a 25% increase in settling area can be realized due to 100% utilization of the plate surface area.

Clarified water essentially free of TSS and 91% less phosphorus is then directed by gravity to the DynaSand deep bed filter modules for polishing. The DynaSand provides superior filtrate quality, requires low power and eliminates the need for ancillary backwash equipment.


Since installation, the ENR integrated design continues to deliver water quality of <0.1 mg/L ammonia, <0.07 mg/L phosphorus, and <0.5 NTU. The WWTP consistently goes well below the NPDES and EPA direct discharge limits on BOD, total nitrogen, phosphorus, and turbidity. Plant operators remain very pleased with the system’s performance.

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Lamella and DynaSand ENR case study

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