Durable Articulating Rake Screen Line Expanded to Meet Vertical and Heavy-Duty Applications

Specialized design with multiple configurations provides a low maintenance and robust option for headworks screening

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Durable Articulating Rake Screen Line Expanded to Meet Vertical and Heavy-Duty Applications

Building off 45-plus years of in-channel screening experience, Parkson’s Aqua Caiman in-channel articulating rake screen was designed with the operator in mind, providing a low maintenance and robust option for headworks screening while protecting pumps and downstream processes.

Parkson’s original articulating rake screen was designed for inclined applications and features a robust frame and cross supports, bar shapes optimized for reduced headloss, and discharge heights up to 30 feet. 

It also features the strongest and heaviest chain links in the industry. A series of rakes attached to chain links form a flexible belt assembly to lift and remove large solids with ease without the need for lower bottom bearings or sprockets.

To address growing demands and accommodate more challenging applications that aren’t well served by conventional screens, Parkson recently expanded its Aqua Caiman line to include the Aqua Caiman Vertical and Aqua Caiman HD.

Vertical mounting applications

The Aqua Caiman Vertical screen accommodates applications where channel requirements are tight and require steep or vertical mounting, such as pump stations, or where additional rake engagement force is desired for removing solids from bar racks. The unit mounts vertically at 85 or 90 degrees with discharge heights up to 50 feet and can be used in new or existing deep channels. Unique to the Aqua Caiman Vertical is the True-Grip chain retention system for additional rake engagement and Expulsionator deflector system for aid in solids removal from the rakes.

Heavy solids handling

The Aqua Caiman HD incorporates the features of the original Aqua Caiman, but is even more robust and designed to handle high flows and heavy solids loading with ease. The unit features a heavy-duty frame and chain links, with bar openings from 1 to 4 inches to accommodate the removal of large objects. It’s available in widths up to 10 feet, discharge height up to 50 feet, and bar racks up to 23 feet. Units can be mounted at 60-degree to 90-degree inclines. The Aqua Caiman HD is well suited for combined storm flow, trash rake and other high flow applications.

Both screens provide water utilities with access to purpose-built equipment for applications which were previously difficult to address. These low-maintenance designs keep ongoing costs down while also promoting safety. All Aqua Caiman models are made of stainless steel and suitable for the toughest municipal and industrial applications. Additionally, they can be used in conjunction with Parkson’s conveyors or wash compactors to complete the screening system.

For additional information on the Aqua Caiman screen line visit www.parkson.com/products.


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