Product News: October 2021

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Product News: October 2021

Asahi/America Series 19 electric actuators
Series 19 electric actuators from Asahi/America are compact and lightweight. They are available in four operating configurations: on/off, modulating, failsafe and modulating failsafe; and three sizes to meet valve torque requirements. The multi-voltage general purpose unit operates at a 75% duty cycle for more frequent cycling of the valve. The electric actuators come standard with multi-voltage capability, a visual position indicator, an LED light to indicate valve position or fault, auxiliary contacts and a QR code for easy and instant access to user manuals. The Series 19 also features a corrosion resistant NEMA 4X engineered resin enclosure with stainless steel trim to protect the unit’s reversing, brushless DC motor and permanently lubricated steel gear train. 800-343-3618;

Atlas Copco OGP+ on-site generator
Atlas Copco’s new OGP+ Pressure Swing Adsorption oxygen generator series consumes 30% less feed air at full load to produce the same amount of oxygen as a traditional generator, reducing the total cost per unit of oxygen. Additional energy savings at low load are from its Variable Cycle Saver technology. VCS optimizes the PSA cycle to reduce the air requirement to what is needed to generate a lower volume of oxygen. Continuous, automated feed air monitoring protects the integrity of the zeolite molecular sieve material that separates the oxygen from the incoming air. If any purity issues arise, the generator will intervene and, if pre-set to do so, stop the oxygen from reaching the application until the purity level is restored. 803-817-7434;

Blue-White FLEXFLO M3 peristaltic metering pump
Blue-White’s M3 peristaltic has a large 5-inch display with intuitive touchscreen control, advance communication protocols including Modbus TCP, EtherNet IP, ProfiBus, and new software capabilities for future firmware updates. The newly upgraded M3 peristaltic metering pump has no loss of prime and no check valves to clean or replace, saving on downtime and maintenance. 714-893-8529;

Franklin Miller SPIRALIFT SC Screenings Conditioner
The SPIRALIFT SC Screenings Conditioner from Franklin Miller washes, conditions and compacts screenings typically received from a bar screen discharge. The unit reduces odors, removes organics and makes the screenings suitable for disposal at landfills, reducing disposal costs. The SPIRALIFT SC is compact and freestanding and can be placed in tight plant locations. It can be installed behind a new mechanical bar screen or retrofitted to an existing installation. The unit can be fixed-mounted or configured for portable operation to handle the output from multiple sources. The SPIRALIFT tank enclosure and hopper are constructed of durable stainless steel. A PLC-based control system with a touch screen HMI interface is supplied. The control monitors and integrates all system functions. 800-932-0599;

Watts ArmorTek advanced coating system
The ArmorTek advanced coating system from Watts is the latest addition to its ductile iron backflow-preventer valves. The technology provides three layers of protection to create an effective barrier, increasing resistance to corrosion. ArmorTek provides an advanced primer which contains an electrochemical corrosion inhibitor, slowing the spread of corrosion should the metal substrate become exposed from wear or impact. ArmorTek’s formulation also inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause microbial-induced corrosion. This further slows the spread of corrosion and limits the growth of tubercles that can clog or foul downstream equipment. In addition, ArmorTek’s top layer is specially designed to bond to the primer below, providing a high-strength barrier between the iron substrate and water. 978-688-1811;


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