News Briefs: New York Plastics Company Agrees to PFOA Settlement

Also in this week's water and wastewater news, pump failure at a WWTP in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, results in a plant shutdown and localized flooding

A plastics company from Petersburgh, New York, has agreed to pay a $23.5 million settlement after residential drinking water was contaminated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

The settlement, as long as it’s approved by a judge in the state’s Supreme Court, will establish funds to pay property owners and to set up a 15-year medical monitoring program for individuals who had PFOA detected in their blood.

Pump Failure Causes Plant Shutdown, Flooding

Pump failure at the South Wastewater Treatment Plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, recently resulted in a plant shutdown and localized flooding.

Baton Rouge publication reports that residents in the area were cleaning up sewage with hoses and using household cleaners to drown out the smell while they waited for a response from the city.

“If you have a nose, you’re going to smell it, I went to the store and came back to find the parking lot was full of water, my apartment was full of water,” a resident told the publication.

Oak Creek Wins Best-Tasting Water in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Section of the American Water Works Association recently named the City of Oak Creek as having the best-tasting tap water in the state.

In June of next year, Oak Creek will compete for the title of best-tasting water in the nation.

“Great water comes from great employees, and we certainly have that at Oak Creek,” Mike Robe, plant manager for the Oak Creek Water Utility, tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


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