Product News: August 2021

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Product News: August 2021

Anue Water Technologies Flo Spec software
Anue Water Technologies Flo Spec digital control software is a fully SCADA-compliant program that allows for bidirectional monitoring and control of each system with access to Wi-Fi or satellite/local Cat 5 internet connectivity. It is manufactured in a NEMA 4 cabinet and is standard with all three basic platforms: the Phantom I and II for point source odor control; the FORSe2 oxygen generation system for force main corrosion control; and the FORSe 5 combination ozone and oxygen system for larger odor and corrosion-control applications. The efficiency of immediate data access and system control reduces operational costs, and the design allows for stand-alone remote system monitoring. Programming options include specific alarm alerts that can be sent to any computer or smart phone to quickly identify and correct problems. 760-727-2683;

Patterson Mfg. davit cranes
New davit cranes are available from corrosive environment and safety experts Patterson Mfg. Give your operations a lift with models in 1/2- and 1-ton capacities. The cranes exhibit the company’s hallmark safety, simplicity and durability, with key features such as a reliable brake with long life and readily available parts, a hot-dipped galvanized finish and no plastic sheaves or pulleys. They put safety and simplicity within your reach with a low maintenance, easy-to-assemble design that is made in the USA. For over 160 years, Patterson has been a trusted supplier of winches, rigging, fittings and custom products for lifting applications in the marine, construction and mining markets. These davit cranes continue to deliver the company’s promise of helping businesses run safer, easier and faster. Find out how our team and products can improve employee safety and positively impact your bottom line. 800-322-2018;

Gorman-Rupp EchoStorm venturi aeration device
The EchoStorm, Gorman-Rupp’s new static venturi aeration device, is designed to add dissolved oxygen into liquids as they are being pumped. It adds oxygen to wastewater, reduces the size of organic solids and degasses organic solids. The EchoStorm is available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes. Depending on the Gorman-Rupp pump it is paired with, the EchoStorm can provide flows from 50 to 1,300 gpm with up to 857 pounds of dissolved oxygen per day. The device can be combined with Gorman-Rupp Super T Series, Ultra V Series, Super U Series, 80 Series, 10 Series and 6500 Series pumps. It is also designed to operate in a variety of pump configurations, such as packaged pump stations, engine-driven products and custom engineered pumping systems. 419-755-1011;

Endress+Hauser Promag W 800 flowmeter
The Proline Promag W 800 flowmeter from Endress+Hauser delivers reliable and maintenance-free volume measurement of drinking and process water, especially in areas without a supply of power. Battery-powered, it provides maintenance-free operation for up to 15 years, as well as worldwide secure data transfer via cellular radio. Other features include seamless consumption measurements with a maximum measured error of plus/minus 0.5%, exact cost allocation and billing in accordance with various laws and regulations, monitoring of important characteristic variables such as water volume, totalized flow, flow limits, etc., and targeted leakage detection by water balancing between two measuring points or by detecting pressure changes caused by water losses. 888-363-7377;

QED Environmental System SEMSoft 6.0 software
QED Environmental System SEMSoft 6.0 software provides users of the LANDTEC SEM5000 Methane Detector the ability to rapidly download, sort and generate EPA-compliant reports based on the device’s readings. The software added TAG ID capability to allow users to input site specific location identifications to mark locations within a landfill boundary, with or without GPS data. The user can use named locations to take and record readings, and can use GPS proximity to find the points. Enhanced map integration helps to speed up readings, benefitting tablet users. Operation enhancement includes calibration adjustment to compensate for chamber clearing. 800-810-9908;

Sensaphone 1400 and 1800 remote monitoring systems
To help operators of smaller water and wastewater facilities who do not staff their premises around the clock, Sensaphone offers two early warning systems. These remote monitoring systems notify personnel immediately of changes in environmental conditions that can indicate equipment malfunction. The Sensaphone 1400 and 1800 systems let users remotely keep tabs on sensor reading fluctuations of pump status, tank level and pump alarm outputs. Sensaphone’s 1800 system can accommodate up to eight sensors to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, air circulation, carbon dioxide, water pH, water leaks, fire, smoke, power failure and unauthorized access. The Sensaphone 1400 system can accommodate up to four sensors. Both systems connect to any traditional telephone line and provide 24/7 monitoring. 855-807-1887;

Warren Controls ILEA 2900E Series globe-control valves
Warren Controls’ ILEA 2900E Series of electrically actuated, industrial globe-control valves have a modulating, linear, industrial electric valve actuator and feature a rugged cast-iron body with a variety of trim materials. The equal percentages plugs in the 2-way valves and the linear plugs in the 3-way valves provide ideal modulating control of a wide variety of fluids. Valves are available in four styles: 2-way balanced, 2-way unbalanced, 3-way mixing and 3-way diverting. Sizes range from 2.5 to 10 inches with ANSI Class II, III, and IV leakage. 800-922-0085;

Siemens SIMOTICS SD200 Frame Size 440 AC motors
The SIMOTICS SD200 severe-duty motor in frame size 440 from Siemens provides high productivity and energy-efficient operation in all torque ranges. The new cast-iron NEMA motors are built to power pumps, fans, compressors, hoists, winders and similar equipment in harsh environments. The SD200 motors offer 75 to 800 hp output and feature 444-5013 cast-iron frames for operation in 460V and 575V ranges. They meet or exceed NEMA Premium MG1 Table 12-12 efficiencies. Siemens offers a wide selection of options m, including IP56 ingress protection, encoders, brakes and blowers plus others to suit the applications presented. 800-365-8766;

Seeq R52 software
Seeq’s R52 has new features to support the use of machine learning innovation in process manufacturing organizations. New capabilities include add-on tools, display panes and user-defined functions, resulting in faster development and deployment of easy-to-use algorithms and visualizations for process engineers. With R52, end users will also be able to schedule Seeq Data Lab notebooks to run in the background. 201-801-9339;


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