No-Cost Rotary Lobe Pump Training

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No-Cost Rotary Lobe Pump Training

Are you responsible for operating or maintaining a Vogelsang rotary lobe pump, inline macerator or twin-shaft grinder? Vogelsang offers a few no-cost options for service and maintenance training support. Here’s what available to you:

Vogelsang service school

Vogelsang offers free two-day factory training once a month from March through October. Anyone who operates or services Vogelsang equipment is accepted. Slots are limited to 10 people per class, so be aware these openings typically fill up quickly. Join the service training email list to ensure you get invitations.

The course, your hotel stay (two nights), and food while you’re on site are free — all you need to do is arrange for transportation (flights and/or car rental). The service school covers a full array of topics on Vogelsang pumps, grinders and macerators, from introduction to field startup, parts replacement and troubleshooting. This interactive class takes place in the Ravenna, Ohio, factory and includes hands-on training, classroom work and a unique opportunity to talk with Vogelsang’s experts.

You can get more information and register for a Service School here.

Vogelsang webinars

In addition to Service School, Vogelsang offers Service Webinars designed for operators, technicians and service professionals who work on Vogelsang lobe pumps, macerators and grinders. These webinars provide condensed service training overviews without having to leave your office. Offered once a month in two different time slots, Service Webinars run 30 to 60 minutes, are free to attend and cover a variety of service topics. They are presented by a Vogelsang service manager and questions or discussion are welcome.

You can find a listing and registration details for upcoming webinars here.

Online videos and documentation

For quick-reference purposes, Vogelsang has eight separate pump service videos online that cover the key steps involved in a VX-Series wet-end parts replacement. You can find all of these videos in one YouTube playlist: Vogelsang VX-Series Rotary Lobe Pump Service Videos.

Additionally, if you are looking for O&M manuals, including parts lists, you can visit the online download center and locate the technical document section to find a manual specific to you Vogelsang equipment.

Get help ordering parts 

It’s recommend you work with a local Vogelsang dealer/distributor to order parts. If don’t know who your local distributor is, you can simply plug your state and county in to Vogelsang’s distributor search database. When in doubt, you can reach the Vogelsang service department here.

When ordering parts, you typically only need the number listed on the Vogelsang serial tag.

Get service training updates via email

Sign up for the service email list to get notices and invitations to Vogelsang service schools and monthly webinars.

For specific training program details or questions, contact:

Visit the Vogelsang Storefront


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