Enhanced Bioremediation with Micro-Solve

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Enhanced Bioremediation with Micro-Solve

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Micro-Solve is a proactive grease and odor control system combining innovative application techniques with the power of a uniquely formulated solution. Micro-Solve will solubilize and demulsify accumulating grease and sludge while simultaneously intensifying and accelerating the natural bioremediation process in wastewater lift stations.  

Micro-Solve is not a bacteria, enzyme, ferrous solution or quick-fix emulsifier, but is engineered to soften hard grease and sludge in commercial and municipal wastewater systems. Micro-Solve is 100% biodegradable. It aids in phase oil separation, making hard grease loose and soluble, creating the ideal conditions for the natural bioremediation process. This releases bound oxygen and trapped micronutrients that can be better utilized by the microorganisms that already live in the system. Simultaneously, Micro-Solve adds nutrients to stimulate the population of naturally occurring aerobic, anaerobic and facultative microorganisms. These microorganisms then actively consume and metabolize the solubilized grease and sludge along with the newly available micronutrients. Micro-Solve dual-mode action amplifies and accelerates the power of the natural bioremediation process to proactively eliminate buildups of grease and sludge and stop them from re-solidifying downstream.

Micro-Solve also:

  • Reduces SSOs, call-outs and odor complaints 
  • Prevents grease obstructions in all intakes, all valves and inner walls 
  • Reduces the need for vacuuming and jetting 
  • Reduces the need for confined-space entries 
  • Inhibits the formation of grease-generated odor producing gases 
  • Reduces runtime of pumps and force mains, lowering electricity costs  
  • Continues to solve grease-related problems down the line 
  • Limits exposure of the workforce and community to risks and hazards 
  • Requires only minor maintenance 
  • Reduces operating cost

Odor reduction
Accumulations of caked grease and sludge generate problem gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, which can cause corrosion damage, create safety hazards and generate odor complaints from the community. Using Micro-Solve to effectively control grease and sludge will significantly lower levels of H2S.

Grease and odor control system
The Micro-Solve grease and odor control system is composed of a 55-gallon drum of Micro-Solve solution, a pump, a pump box and stem, and an aerator/mixer. The system's programmable pump delivers Micro-Solve from the drum to the wastewater in the lift station in doses timed and measured for optimum effect. For protection against moisture and inadvertent damage, the pump is mounted in the custom two-piece pump box and stem. The pump stem is constructed of tubular steel and features an integral copper feed tube. Inserted into the drum of Micro-Solve, the pump stem mounts securely in the large bunghole via a threaded collar fitting. The pump box has a steel body with a clear Plexiglas access door and a tubular steel mounting post that fits into the pump stem. A separate steel dipstick for checking the level of Micro-Solve in the drum is installed in the drum's small bunghole. 

EGSW's aerator/mixer consists of an air compressor unit connected by a 1/2-inch air hose to an aerator/mixer unit placed inside the lift station through the lift station doors and submerged in the wastewater. EGSW's aerator/mixer aides in speeding up the dispersal of Micro-Solve solution throughout the water column. Grease and solids, including disposable wipes, are kept in suspension to prevent the formation of large clumps. Most important, it provides the additional oxygen required by facultative and aerobic microorganisms for the effective bioremediation of grease and sludge. The addition of oxygen allows facultative microorganisms to switch from an anaerobic to aerobic mode and creates a larger habitable environment for the population.  

The Viking Pro Scentnal high-speed, automated pump is capable of delivering up to 17 ounces of Micro-Solve per minute from the drum to the lift station and is equipped with a programmable timer and adjustable circuit board for dosing activations of up to 48 feeds in 24 hours. The Viking Pro Scentnal features an internal Viton tube for superior durability and an adjustable brass spray nozzle for even dispersal of Micro-Solve to the treatment area.


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