Meet the New Giant in Solids Reduction

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Meet the New Giant in Solids Reduction

Vogelsang has taken its XRipper twin-shaft grinder technology to a new level with the XRipper Giant (XRG). An extension of the company’s XRipper line, this new design was developed for the harsh operating conditions and high-flow rates found in headworks and lift stations. Two patent-pending design features deliver consistent grinding on a larger scale than traditional grinders, in a unit that is rugged, but still very maintenance friendly.

The first patented technology used in the XRipper XRG is a one-piece monolithic Ripper rotor. Precision machined from high-quality hardened alloy, this cutter assembly is easy to remove in one piece without having to take out the complete grinder. This is a vast improvement over other twin-shaft grinders whose rotors are a column of stacked individual blades and spacers that can break down or wear unevenly. Maintenance time and costs for these traditional units is much higher than for the XRipper. 

Service technicians attending Vogelsang’s recent Service School commented on how easy it is to service an XRipper, and that traditional cutter stacks in competitors’ units are extremely time-consuming. 

The second XRipper XRG patent is for an integrated screen feed system that uses rotating brushes to comb through a stationary screen, clearing solid debris and directing it into the center of the grinder cutting stack. This active cleaning system is an improvement over traditional rotating drum designs with stationary scrapers that leave built-up material behind and inside the screen. 

The XRipper XRG can be a drop-in replacement for other twin-shaft grinders, and has been successfully tested in a wastewater treatment plant installation in Minnesota.

The XRipper XRG comes with either a double or single screen, with maximum flow between 3,800 gpm/5.4 mgd and 13,300 gpm/19.2 mgd. Minimum channel width required for the double screen feeder is 42 inches. The single screen feeder minimum channel width is 30 inches. 

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Vogelsang USA is a leading designer of pumps and grinding technology, with products made and assembled in Ravenna, Ohio.

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