Rental Filter Press for When and Where You Need it Most

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Rental Filter Press for When and Where You Need it Most

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Whether you are upgrading or maintaining your current system, expanding your current capacity, dewatering a lagoon or pond, or a variety of other temporary needs, Evoqua offers mobile equipment to help. Evoqua has a wide range of temporary dewatering solutions stocked and available to provide maximum operational flexibility. Temporary solutions include trailer presses, plate and frame presses, recessed chamber presses and rotary presses.

Any industry or process requiring the separation of solids can utilize a filter press on a temporary basis. The sizes Evoqua has available and ready to ship are listed below. For large projects, several mobile/trailer filter presses are ready to be deployed to meet all your temporary dewatering equipment needs. Evoqua offers proven technical water expertise and a complete laboratory services program to determine the dewatering characteristics of the feed slurry to design and deliver the best equipment for your needs. 

Filter press equipment rentals for emergency or immediate need

Is your current dewatering equipment down, or do you have a need to dewater a slurry quickly? Evoqua’s filter press rental program is perfect for those times when your existing equipment has failed, requires maintenance or your wastewater capacity needs to be increased. The company can often provide filter press rentals while it repairs and refurbishes a filter press currently on site, eliminating any concerns for downtime. 

Dewatering filter press pilot units: testing your slurry for your next project

Pilot units are essential for testing your process prior to investing in equipment. As Evoqua partners with its customers on their applications and process designs, it supplies on-site pilot units to test various processes and chemical formulations. The company also reviews the components of your filter press equipment, ensuring proper media cloth is selected in order to optimize filtration. 

Rent a filter press for temporary, short-term projects

Evoqua often provides filter press rentals for customers who are expanding their capabilities, making temporary dewatering rental units available while the company designs and builds a larger filter press. This is also the case for temporary applications, such as the cleanup of a lagoon or pond. 

Dewatering rental equipment for operating contracts

Evoqua supplies temporary dewatering equipment for rent as part of an ongoing solution that includes clarification and sludge dewatering for an operating contract. Its filter press rental and pilot equipment come with various options in order to customize each unit to your dewatering application, such as feed pumps and sludge handling equipment.


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