Product News: April 2021

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DeZURIK APCO SmartCHECK pump control valves
APCO SmartCHECK pump control valves from DeZURIK are ideal for applications including raw sewage, wastewater, raw water, clean water or any fluid pumped through a pipeline. The APCO SmartCHECK is a single valve that combines the functionality of a full-featured electric-motor-operated pump control valve with the best features of APCO’s premium CVS-6000 swing check valve. The valve has been engineered to control pressure surges during normal pump startups and shutdowns, and to close positively upon power failure, without the need for expensive hydraulic power units, accumulators and maintenance-intensive hydraulic controls. The unique SmartCHECK torque unit can be operated with any brand of electric motor operator. The torque unit allows normal function, but will automatically close upon power failure, preventing backflow. SmartCHECK valves produce low head loss, and speed adjustments control fluid acceleration and deceleration, minimizing pressure surges. 320-259-2000;

Flomatic AIS-compliant valves
With an extensive offering of American Iron and Steel requirement-compliant valve products, Flomatic is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing lasting and reliable valves that are ready to perform and meet your ever-changing needs. Manufactured in the U.S., and available in a variety of materials and configurations, Flomatic offers many AIS-compliant valves, including check, automatic control, swing check, silent check, foot, ball check and more. No matter how complex your application is Flomatic can help select the most efficient valve product for your next job. 800-833-2040;

Patterson davit cranes
New davit cranes are available from corrosive environment and safety experts, Patterson. Give your operations a lift with models in 1/2- and 1-ton capacities. The cranes exhibit the company’s hallmark safety, simplicity and durability, with key features such as a reliable brake with long life and readily available parts, a hot-dipped galvanized finish, and no plastic sheaves or pulleys. They put safety and simplicity within your reach with a low-maintenance, easy-to-assemble design that is made in the U.S. For over 160 years, Patterson has been a trusted supplier of winches, rigging, fittings and custom products for lifting applications in the marine, construction and mining markets. These davit cranes continue to deliver the company’s promise of helping businesses run safer, easier and faster. Find out how our team and products can improve employee safety and positively impact your bottom line. 800-322-2018;

Induron Mortarchem cementitious epoxy mortar
Cementitious epoxy mortars are a vital step in most concrete lining projects, but some of the existing products available are fraught with problems and difficult to apply. Induron developed Mortarchem — a new, improved and easy-to-use epoxy mortar. Designed to simplify the application process while delivering better performance and improved production, Mortarchem is a high-performance, epoxy modified cementitious surface and repair mortar used to restore deteriorated masonry substrates prior to application of chemical resistant topcoats. Mortarchem is one of those products that seems too good to be true until you apply it yourself. 800-324-9584;

Franklin Miller bulk water fill station
The Franklin Miller bulk water fill station provides water districts a complete engineered solution for automatic dispensing of bulk water. The system consists of enclosed plumbed hardware, the control and proprietary HaulerLogic software. An easy-to-use touch-screen user interface allows haulers to operate the system without operator assistance. The control system authenticates users and monitors and records all transactions. With the water fill station and HaulerLogic software, users can monitor the station activity, administer accounts and collect payments for dispensed water from a computer or with a mobile device. The station comes complete with all piping and equipment housed in an attractive, insulated equipment enclosure. The system’s Hauler Station control communicates with the proprietary HaulerLogic software for maintenance of accounts, balances and payments. It is available in a variety of pipe sizes and capacities, and a wide range of options can be added. 973-535-9200;

Endress+Hauser iTEMP TMT142B temperature transmitter
The iTEMP TMT142B from Endress+Hauser is a new generation smart temperature transmitter with Bluetooth. The transmitter delivers highly accurate and reliable measurements, wireless communication via Bluetooth and user-friendly operation all packaged in a single-chamber field housing. The secure, integrated Bluetooth interface enables users to wirelessly visualize measured values and NAMUR NE 017 diagnostic information and perform configuration tasks. It is easy and fast to operate using a phone or tablet and the Endress+Hauser SmartBlue app. No special tools are required and access to the device is password-protected. The backlit display provides excellent readability under all environmental conditions, and diagnostic messages are highlighted when the normally white background turns red. 888-363-7377;

Val-Matic American-BFV butterfy valves
Val-Matic’s American-BFV butterfly valves feature a standard epoxy interior, continuous uninterrupted seating and Tri-Loc seat retention system, which allows for field adjustment/replacement without the need for special tools or epoxies. The valve’s disc is constructed of ductile iron for added strength and improved headloss characteristics. The valves have a pressure rating up to 300 psi and ductile iron construction, a 17-4 stainless steel shaft and double offset design. 630-941-7600;

KROHNE OPTIMASS 1000 Coriolis mass meter
The OPTIMASS 1000 straight-tube Coriolis mass meter from KROHNE is designed with a close-coupled twin-tube configuration with an optimized flow splitter, manufactured to be highly durable and capable of handling flow rates, even in the face of pressure fluctuations. It comes with a standard measuring tube that is 100% accurate, ensuring the highest level of safety. The meter has been designed without installation restrictions and remains unaffected by external influences, such as vibration and hydraulic noise interferences. The OPTIMASS 1000 utilizes KROHNE’s modular electronic converters, which can be fitted across a range of flowmeters, allowing instruments to address unique applications, providing either basic functionality or high-end diagnostic capabilities. The OPTIMASS 1000 can be fitted with most industry standard hygienic connectors and DIN, ANSI and JIS standard flanges. 800-356-9464;

Watson-Marlow Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps are a reliable and easy-to-maintain solution for handling the viscous slurries and grit-filled sludge in wastewater treatment plants. Unlike diaphragm, rotary lobe and PC pumps, the peristaltic design of Bredel hose pumps contains no moving parts that come into contact with the product, and no seals, ball-checks, diaphragms, glands, immersed rotors, stators or pistons to leak, clog, corrode or replace. Bredel hose pumps also remove the need for ancillary equipment such as dry-run protection, seal water flush systems and in-line check valves. A simple hose change takes only minutes and can be performed in-situ without special tools or skilled personnel. The hose pumps are dry-running and self-priming, and allow no slippage, for true positive displacement to provide accurate and repeatable metering. 800-282-8823;

Atlas Copco AIRCUBE compressor room
Atlas Copco’s AIRCUBE is a containerized range of plug-and-play compressor rooms to meet the needs of customers who have space limitations or restrictions within their current facilities. An AIRCUBE can be equipped with fixed-speed or energy-efficient variable speed drive compressors with sizes ranging from 15 to 110 hp, depending on the models chosen. It comes with a number of standard features, such as ventilation, internal power distribution, certification and lighting. A wide array of options is available, including environmental add-ons, smart connectivity and control features, ISO 8573 filtration class options and safety add-ons. The container is built to withstand temperatures from 32 to 110 degrees F, and containers that can operate in low temperatures down to negative 40 degrees F are available as an option. 803-718-7434;

Hawk Measurement Systems laser level products
Hawk Measurement Systems’ OptioLaser L100 and L200 laser level transmitters are ideal for level, distance and position measurement of solid and liquid surfaces. The laser has a very narrow beam that can measure long and short distances at virtually any angle. The OptioLaser L100/L200 is completely stainless steel and extremely rugged, built for the harshest of environments. The transmitters are fully programmable and include a simple-to-use software, and can be configured for either distance or level measurement. 888-429-5538;


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