Project Roundup: Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Construction and More

See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

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Laguna County
Project: Wastewater treatment plant upgrade
Details: First phase will include new headworks, ultraviolet disinfection break tank, laboratory and operations building, activated sludge and secondary clarifier process facilities, on-site stormwater facilities and electrical improvements
Status: Construction underway
Cost: $53 million

Panama City
Project: Water treatment plant upgrades
Details: Funded through insurance claim money acquired after Hurricane Michael damages
Status: Ribbon-cutting ceremony held
Cost: $1.4 million

Project: Water treatment plant upgrade
Details: Updating the plant’s switch gear, in operation since 1992
Status: Slated for 2021 completion
Cost: $1 million

Project: Water main improvement
Details: Enlarging 1.5 miles of water main installed in the 1950s
Status: Construction has started, slated for March 2021 completion
Cost: $1.1 million

Project: New water treatment plant and wells
Details: Will provide approximately 2 mgd to customers
Status: In operation
Cost: $11 million

Project: New water treatment facility
Details: Will help treat water tainted with PFAS
Status: Slated for 2022 completion
Cost: $10 million

Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: Replacing a 30-year-old facility
Status: Slated for completion next June
Cost: $22 million

Cape Girardeau County
Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: System will connect 12 existing treatment facilities
Status: Groundbreaking ceremony held
Cost: $19 million

New Mexico
Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Designed to treat a peak flow of 3.5 mgd
Status: Construction is complete
Cost: Unknown

New York
Bay Park
Project: New biological nutrient removal system
Details: New system now operational and removing 40% total nitrogen from wastewater
Status: Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the project’s completion
Cost: $19.6 million

North Carolina
Project: Water treatment plant renovation
Details: Includes improvements to plant automation, replacement of filter control valves, construction of two new clear wells and a new pump station
Status: Complete
Cost: $17 million

Bright’s Grove
Project: Water treatment plant upgrades
Details: Includes new pumps, a clear well and other improvements
Status: Complete
Cost: $8.1 million

Project: Water treatment plant pipeline
Details: Will update the facility to provide better backup and storage capacity
Status: Slated for 2021 completion
Cost: $13 million


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