ProSeries-M M-4 for Large System Water and Wastewater Treatment

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ProSeries-M M-4 for Large System Water and Wastewater Treatment

The ProSeries-M M-4 peristaltic metering pump has feed rates from 0.002 to 158.5 gph, suited to large municipal water and wastewater treatment applications.

The ProSeries-M M-4 is an excellent choice for metering the chemicals used in wastewater treatment application. Sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide can vapor lock a pump with conventional check valves. The M-4 will not vapor lock or lose prime.

Smooth, quiet, low velocity injection eliminates destructive forces solenoid-type diaphragm pumps can have. No need for pulsation dampeners or expensive piping system repairs.

The pump has CNC machined squeeze rollers and two alignment rollers for optimum squeeze and tube life. The single piece, heavy-duty rotor means no flexing and increased accuracy, with no metal springs or hinges to corrode.

The M-4 has a no-maintenance brushless variable-speed motor with 10,000:1 turndown ratio.

Additional features include: operator friendly digital touchpad; high-contrast backlit LCD; built-in patented Tube Failure Detection System; pressures to 125 psi; and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Listings: NSF 61, NEMA 4X, CE and ETL listed.

Blue-White is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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