Project Roundup: Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Construction and More

See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

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Orange County
Project: Wastewater recycling system expansion
Details: Will serve the tap water needs of about 1 million residents
Status: Slated for 2023 completion
Cost: $310 million

Paso Robles
Project: New tertiary treatment facilities
Details: The facilities also feature an advanced nutrient harvesting system that removes ammonia, nitrate and phosphorus from the filtrate that comes from the digested sludge dewatering system
Status: Recently celebrated completion
Cost: Unknown

Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Built after small amounts of manganese were detected in the local water supply
Status: Ribbon-cutting ceremony held
Cost: $1.6 million

Project: New drinking water plant
Details: Existing plant is 80 years old and is at risk of failure
Status: Contract phase
Cost: $602 million

West Springfield
Project: Five sewer and water projects as a package
Details: Fixing failing sewer/water infrastructure
Status: Slated for completion in 2020
Cost: $16.8 million

Project: Sewer overflow repair project
Details: It’s the first project in the city’s 25-year, $269 million effort to repair sewer overflows into the Great Miami River
Status: Slated for December completion
Cost: $2.71 million

Flint Ridge
Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Will provide safer drinking water to 2,500 homes in southern Delaware County and northern Adair County
Status: Ribbon-cutting ceremony held
Cost: $16 million

Treasure Lake
Project: Wastewater treatment plant upgrade
Details: Increased plant to consolidate treatment to a single location
Status: Ribbon-cutting ceremony held
Cost: $8 million


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