WEFTEC Report: Noria Presents Membrane Monitor System for Water Treatment

Noria MeMo
Noria MeMo

Noria Water Technologies offered the Membrane Monitor (MeMo) in the Innovation Pavilion at WEFTEC in Chicago. The technology detects and continuously monitors fouling and scale on nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes as it occurs.

The device helps enable effective fouling and scale mitigation strategies in water treatment and desalination plants, including optimal anti-scalant dosing. The company estimates that by eliminating fouling and scaling on the membrane surface, water production costs can be reduced by 10% to 30%.

To optimize performance, the system can be placed in a variety of positions throughout the membrane plant. Larger uses can choose multiple monitoring points within a facility while smaller systems may require only one monitoring point.

The technology yields savings by enabling membrane operation at near maximum or optimal product water recovery levels. It also reduces RO brine volume and related treatment and disposal costs.

In addition, the system prolongs membrane life and reduces chemical cleaning costs by catching fouling and scaling issues early. Finally, the system reduces personnel time and cost for membrane replacement and cleaning and for general membrane troubleshooting. Visit www.noria.com.


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