WEFTEC Report: LuminUltra Highlights DNA-Based Microbial Testing System

LuminUltra microbial monitoring announced the second generation of its DNA-based microbial testing system at WEFTEC in Chicago. The company’s ATP test kits designed to deliver a rapid, accurate quantification of the total microbial population in a sample. 

The GeneCount DNA-based solution offers insight on which microbes – good or bad – make up that population, helping users devise tailored solutions for microbial management. GeneCount Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) analysis lets users rapidly screen for specific microbes or groups of microbes known to be significant in their processes. The analysis can detect low levels of the targeted organisms and quantify their populations.

Users can select from three options to suit their operations:

  • In-house Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and qPCR services and in which the company does the testing;
  • Turn-key qPCR workflow and as a service to clients; or
  • Purchase of a portable qPCR device for in-house testing.

GeneCount NNS analysis lets users see what is happening inside their processes by identifying nearly all types of microbes present along with an insight into what benefit or harm they may be causing. Together, the systems help users understand the cause and effect relationships microbes are having, see trends and understand future triggers for proactive decision-making, adjust biocide to account for the changes detected and apply targeted treatments for harmful organisms. Visit www.luminultra.com.


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