WEFTEC Report: Drylet Showcases Biogas-Boosting Biocatalyst for Anaerobic Digestion

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Drylet offered the BioReact AD engineered substrate — able to enhance biogas production and reduce natural gas costs — at WEFTEC in Chicago. The company says the product can produce up 30% greater biogas generation in anaerobic digesters.

The company’s biocatalyst solution is built on material science and microbiology. It is designed to enable the enhanced degradation of undigested wastewater solids (hydrolysis), increasing gas generation and solids reduction. The application protocol is tailored to each facility, after analysis of influent characteristics and of historical performance data.

The technology requires no commitment to new equipment and no capital expense. The material is added daily as part of routine biodigester maintenance. A daily dose of one to two pounds per million gallons of wastewater flow is typically recommended.

BioReact AD is a dry-to-the-touch engineered material formulated with micro-bioreactor particles, seeded with mixed microbial cultures beneficial for anaerobic digestion systems. Each pound of product provides about 700,000 square feet of area seeded with billions of beneficial microbes. The particles provide an environment where bacteria can reproduce at significantly accelerated rates, enhancing microbial activity. Visit www.drylet.com.


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