Product News: October 2019

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Xylem Godwin S Series smart pumps
The Godwin NC100S and CD100S Dri-Prime dewatering pumps from Xylem are equipped with interchangeable, application-specific impellers and a new generation of cloud-based Field Smart Technology. The 4-inch surface-mounted centrifugal pumps can switch from a NC100S to a CD100S, and vice versa, due to the interchangeable impellers. The CD100S pump’s impeller can be exchanged with a Flygt N-Technology self-cleaning, nonclog impeller to deliver sustained hydraulic efficiency. The NC100S and CD100S models have a redesigned pump-end and also come equipped with a Final Tier 4 engine, cutting diesel particulate emissions are cut by 90%. Field Smart Technology allows for remote monitoring and control. 800-247-8674;

ThingWorx Kepware Edge technology
ThingWorx Kepware Edge allows for secure and reliable connection of remote assets to SCADA and other critical applications. The product features out-of-the-box connectivity to the most popular automation devices, including Allen-Bradley and Siemens, as well as devices using the popular Modbus TCP Ethernet protocol. It offers secure read/write access a wide variety of applications via OPC UA and MQTT, including SCADA and Historians as well as Industrial IoT platforms. The product also features native connectivity to ThingWorx. With support for Linux-based environments and tag-based pricing, the product can scale to create a distributed connectivity architecture that reduces the cost of data transfer and improves reliability and security. 

GE Digital iFIX 6.0 technology
The iFIX 6.0 from GE Digital provides integrated support for ISA 18.2 standards for consistent alarm shelving and interface presentation. The update also includes secure-by-design client connections with an OPC Unified Architecture server, enabling it to run across a variety of hardware platforms and operating systems. Also provided are rapid application development features for HMI/SCADA, such as long tag names and descriptions, which helps to speed up configuration and deployment. 800-433-2682;

Anue Water Technologies odor-control systems
Anue Water Technologies’ geomembrane-based odor-control system is designed to reduce odorous emissions for tanks and containers of nearly any shape or size. The membranes are supported by a cable grid and batter bars so that it is unaffected by aeration, changing water levels, foaming, bacteria and other conditions. The filters consist of a spongelike media filled with an odor-control substance. Air flows through, allowing the system to breathe while odors are captured. Rainwater does not hinder odor-capturing ability. Gas-specific filters for hydrogen sulfide and ammonia can be combined in the system, even under grates and manhole covers. 760-727-2683;

Emerson Ovation OCC100 compact controller
The Ovation Model OCC100 compact controller from Emerson is nonredundant with a small footprint. A suite of communication protocol software and wide-area networking technology reside in the controller, providing small and midsized municipalities a cost-effective way to boost reliability and control geographically dispersed equipment. It is well-suited for applications including reservoir monitoring, gravity filtering, disinfection, tertiary treatment and pump or booster station operation. The controller can be merged into a larger, Ovation distributed control system, enhancing visibility into plantwide operations. 888-637-7222;

Blue-White Industries ProSeries-M CHEM-FEED skids
The ProSeries-M CHEM-FEED polyethylene engineered skid systems from Blue-White Industries are designed to be used with chemical dosing pumps. The systems can be equipped with a ProSeries-M pump, and both diaphragm-type and peristaltic types are offered. Single- and two-pump units are available on skids constructed of chemical-resistant polyethylene with a drop-in-place design. Components include a visual flow indicator and an optional chemical feed flowmeter. 714-893-8529;

Flowrox FXM metering pump
The Flowrox FXM metring pump allows for 24/7 monitoring with the use of any computer or mobile device, creating awareness of minor mishaps before they reach critical levels that can cause serious downtime or costly damage. Every Flowrox FXM pump is IIoT ready. The optional Flowrox MalibuTM portal can remotely manage, measure and analyze processes from anywhere with a computer or any hand-held device with internet connection. The pump also includes a contactless, external leak sensor for tube failure detection. The pump has serviceable rotor construction, which can be disassembled for maintenance, and operation adjustment through a digital touchpad. 410-636-2250;

SEEPEX sanitary progressive cavity pump
The BCF sanitary progressive cavity pump from SEEPEX is 3-A Sanitary Standards certified. The hygienic design is based on a flexible titanium shaft, the Flexrod, instead of a coupling rod with universal joints. The design ensures residue-free cleaning by Clean in Place and Clean on Place processes. CIP cycles are shorter, and COP is simplified by easier disassembly of the rotating parts without needing to disassemble the Flexrod connecting rods or joints. Existing BCS pumps can be upgraded to the BCF design by changing the wetted rotating parts. The external dimensions and pump casing are identical, requiring no further adaptation of the suction/discharge pipe or mounting footprint. 937-864-7150;

Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM6500 grinder
The TASKMASTER TM6500 from Franklin Miller has twin shaft grinding performance in a compact design. It features high-strength Cutter Cartridge technology to protect pumps, valves, centrifuges and more in sludge and raw sewage applications. Other features include a small footprint to fit into tight plant locations, a drop-in housing design for easy maintenance and a heavy 2-inch hex shafting. The unit’s proven seals as well as the bearings are located in bearing/seal cartridge assemblies. The unit is powered by a 2 hp gear motor and is supplied for open channel or in-line applications. 800-932-0599;

Neptune Chemical Pump NXP Series stepper motor-driving metering pump
With its compact design and intelligent-drive concept, the Neptune NXP Series from Neptune Chemical Pump combines the advantages of a solenoid-driven pump with the precision of a motor-driven pump. It is designed to safely feed chemicals in accurate, reproducible applications. The NXP Series is fully adjustable to produce a constant supply stream during low-pulsation dosing, and the stepper motor with its wear-free tooth belt dive ensures a homogeneous and gentle dosing process. Available in six sizes, the NXP Series is plug-and-play and includes a universal power supply unit. 215-699-8700;


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