Project Roundup: Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Construction and More

See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

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Project: New wastewater treatment facility
Details: The facility will replace an older 3.5-acre wastewater treatment facility
Status: Slated for fall 2021 completion
Cost: $13.7 million

San Mateo
Project: Wastewater treatment plant upgrade
Details: Aims to stem sewer overflows and improve sustainability
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: Part of a $1 billion Clean Water Program

Mount Carroll
Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Existing plant doesn’t meet Illinois Environmental Protection Agency standards
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: $11.3 million

Project: New water treatment plant
Details: will enable the city to meet stricter regulations for emerging contaminants like PFAS and 1,4 Dioxane
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: $21 million

New Mexico
Las Cruces
Project: New water quality laboratory
Details: The building is 11,683 square feet and is designed to be LEED-certified
Status: Ribbon-cutting ceremony held
Cost: $3.9 million

New York
Project: Wastewater treatment plant upgrades
Details: The project is in response to a 2015 consent order
Status: Bids accepted
Cost: $7 million

Project: Water treatment facility upgrade
Details: Will replace the UV disinfection equipment Status: Construction to begin this fall on a two-year completion timeline
Cost: $4.5 million

North Dakota
Project: Wastewater treatment plant improvement
Details: The project aims to double to the plant’s capacity, making it the largest in the state
Status: Engineering phase
Cost: $150 million

Project: Wastewater treatment plant upgrade
Details: will replace technology from the 1980s and enable the plant to filter out nitrogen and phosphorus
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: $31.7 million

Shoal Lake
Project: New water treatment system
Details: Aims to end two decades of water advisories for surrounding communities
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: Unknown

South Dakota
Sioux Falls
Project: New sanitary sewer pump station
Details: New facility will be able to process up to 65 mgd
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: $24.4 million

Project: New water metering system
Details: New technology will provide near real-time water consumption data
Status: Funding approved
Cost: $6.2 million


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