Product News: September 2019

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Aqua-Aerobic OxyStar aspiring aerator
The OxyStar aspirating aerator from Aqua-Aerobic Systems is prized for its efficient oxygen transfer and intense directional mixing pattern, which results from its engineered three-blade helical propeller. It is an ideal solution to improve aeration systems in aerated lagoons, oxidation ditches and other activated sludge processes, equalization basins, and aerobic digesters. The aerator is a highly adaptable, flexible technology with several mounting options that can be installed in almost any basin geometry or configuration. No matter the type of mount used, the aerator can be installed completely online, without needing to dewater the basin, in existing infrastructure, with tools no more specialized than a crane, hammer drill and concrete anchor bolts. 

Neptune NSP Series Solenoid Pumps
Featuring a durable, low-maintenance solenoid drive equipped with double-ball valves, the NSP Series from Neptune ensures consistent and precise dosing of a variety of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, coagulants and flocculants. The compact design and easy-to-use control of the NSP Series provide more efficient operation and shorter setup times. The small footprint allows it to easily integrate into dosing systems with limited space. The Series is available in manually-, analog- and pulse-controlled models. 215-699-8700;

Flygt 4230 adaptive compact mixer (Xylem Flygt 4230) 
The Flygt 4230 adaptive compact mixer from Xylem is a larger, geared mixer. It utilizes the Flygt Dirigo technology platform of integrated power electronics, a high-efficiency IE4 equivalent motor, optimized hydraulics and a built-in monitoring system with alarms and overload protection. The mixer can either be fully automated, or easily controlled on a tank-side operator panel or from a control room as part of the plant’s SCADA system. 914-323-5700;

FCI FS10A analyzer flow switch and monitor
Fluid Components International’s Model FS10A is a universal flow switch and monitor specifically designed for gas and liquid process analyzer sampling systems. The FS10A is a fast responding, highly repeatable sensor, which installs easily into a standard tube tee fitting or the SP76 (NeSSI) modular manifold. The instrument’s wetted parts are corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel with Hastelloy C-22 sensor tips. The sensor element has no moving parts to foul, clog or maintain, which ensures continuous reliability and virtually no maintenance. There are no cavities, orifices or dead-legs to trap or contaminate samples, which preserves sample integrity and faster sampling times. It has an easy-to-read top-mounted, flow rate monitoring LED array for at-a-glance visual indication of operational status of proper flow rate to the analyzer or sampling system, or that an alarm/trip point has occurred. 800-854-1993;

Bionetix BCP50 municipal activated sludge
BCP50 from Bionetix contains strains of bacteria to perform under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It produces efficient degradation of odorous compounds including ammonia. And starting a new wastewater operation requires seeding it with a healthy microbial population that can handle a heavy influx of contaminants. A shock dose of microogranisms and nutrients in BCP500 gives an important boost to the system, so it can handle the first sudden influx of waste. 514-457-2914;


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