MICRO-FLO for Low-Flow Monitoring Applications

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MICRO-FLO for Low-Flow Monitoring Applications

Are you certain your pumps are actually pumping? An empty chemical tank, clogged injection fitting, lost prime and other problems can prevent a metering pump from injecting chemical, even though the pump is in good working condition. 

Blue-White’s MICRO-FLO provides easy access to critical flow data. MICRO-FLO is designed for use with your metering pump to provide accurate flow measurement and accumulated flow date. 

The MICRO-FLO may be installed directly into the pumps discharge tubing, inline in the system after the pump, or conveniently mounted to a panel.

The MICRO-FLO flow verification sensor can be connected directly to Blue-White FLEXFLO model A-100NV peristaltic metering pumps, or the company’s CHEM-FEED C-1100V metering pumps, to verify that chemical dosing has occurred.

The pump’s sophisticated electronics constantly monitor the sensor. If the pump should fail to inject chemical, the pump will stop and an alarm relay will close, allowing a remote alarm indication or initiation of a backup injector pump. MICRO-FLO has nonvolatile programming and accumulated flow memory.

Model variations include: Sensor-only and Panel Mount Display, which includes a 6-foot cable.

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