Integrative Control: Applying IIoT Technology to Sensor Systems

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Integrative Control: Applying IIoT Technology to Sensor Systems

A company that manufactures controls for liquid level detection and pump system management reached out to Sealevel Systems. The company wanted to incorporate remote access, data recording and user alerts into its stock sensor-based control systems designed for agro-innovation, conservation and commercial environmental applications.

One of its clients carries out expansive landscaping operations at multiple residential sites. The control technology company specifically wanted to automate its water control system. The lawns needed to be watered each day in the morning for a specific duration of time.

Key application requirements

  • Remote access
  • Data recording and collection
  • User alerts
  • Automated relay commands

The Sealevel solution

The Sealevel SeaConnect 370 met the demands of this complex situation. For the control company’s stock device, the 370 integrates with pre-existing sensor systems via its dry contact inputs. The SeaConnect 370 works in conjunction with the Sealevel SeaCloud software as a service. Liquid level detectors collect data, which the 370 transmits to the cloud. Pump control systems relay closure commands via the SeaConnect configuration webpage. A “master” 370 transmits that group data to the cloud for remote access via cellular service. If reliability data shows errors or levels rise above accepted thresholds, the SeaConnect triggers a text message alert to the system manager. 

For their client’s specific commercial landscaping IIoT request, they supplied a private-labeled version of SeaCloud along with their integrated SeaConnect 370 control system. Using the duration relay option, the sprinkler system was automated to turn on at an exact time in the morning for the required length of time.

This low-cost automation solution saved the landscape facility management costs in labor and water waste. The control system group found success in its integrated asset management solution. The clients reported fewer pump failures and improved data harnessing via cloud storage and access.


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