Product News: March 2019

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Kee Safety Kee Walk with Guardrail
The Kee Walk with Guardrail from Kee Safety is an OSHA-compliant rooftop walkway system with an integrated safety railing. Designed to provide a secure, anti-slip walking surface on all roof types including metal profile and standing seam roofs, the Kee Walk accommodates steps, traverses and sloped roofs with pitches up to 35 degrees. It presents a clear demarcation route for personnel accessing the roof and can be used in conjunction with Kee Safety crossover platforms to provide safe access across roof-mounted pipework, over low-level walls, and to service plant equipment. The corrosion-resistant walkway-railing system is compatible with other Kee Safety fall protection products to deliver a complete rooftop safety solution. 716-896-4949;

Val-Matic AirValve Sizing software
Val-Matic’s AirValve Sizing Program is a web-based software program designed to aid in selecting air valves along a pipeline. Users enter and save design information specific to their pump, water pipeline or wastewater force main to calculate the locations and sizes of AWWA air valves. The program also calculates the collapse pressure, slope and gravity flow in the pipe. Recommendations are given for air valve locations, sizes and model numbers for pipeline and pump discharge locations. 630-941-7600;

Siemens Sinamics G120X drive
The Sinamics G120X drive from Siemens is designed for use in pump, fan and compressor applications. It has a power range of 1 to 700 hp and can operate in a temperature range from 4 degrees below zero to 140 degrees F with any standard motor, including synchronous reluctance motors. It has an integral DC choke that improves harmonics and EMC performance. The compact design saves space in the control cabinet and can also be easily integrated into MCC solutions, including plug-in buckets. The drive enables motor cable lengths of up to 492 feet with category C2 or C3 filter and up to 1,476 feet without filter and have hardware-based SIL3-certified safety functions built-in. 800-743-6367;

ClearSpan Fabric Structures Gable HD Building
The ClearSpan Fabric Structures Gable HD Building has a unique profile that provides extra-tall clearances for operating commercial machinery and covering equipment of any size. It offers maximum usable space to ensure room to move and operate. The Gable HD Building can be built with one of many foundation options, including blocks, shipping containers and ClearSpan’s Helical Anchoring System, allowing the structure to be built almost anywhere. Each building has a triple-galvanized steel frame and translucent, ripstop fabric cover. 866-643-1010;

Sensaphone flowmeter with digital display
The dual flow and temperature sensor from Sensaphone provides real-time flow rates to any Sensaphone monitoring device that accepts a 4-20mA signal. The sensor can detect and measure the flow of oil, water, glycol and air in internal pipe diameters up to 10 inches. It measures flow rates from 0.15 to 9.85 feet per second for liquids and from 6 to 328 feet per second for gases. It also monitors the temperature of the medium inside the pipe from 39 to 212 degrees F. Program selections include switching, frequency or analog outputs. A 24-volt DC power supply is required to power the sensor. 877-373-2700;


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