Product News: January 2019

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Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand, AGS Series axial grinder pumps
The new AGS Series axial grinder pumps from Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand, have a semi-open impeller design, including an eight-hole cutter plate and three-blade cutter, which reduces problem waste to fine slurry, minimizing downtime and service challenges. The pump’s total dynamic head (TDH) and flow rates deliver across both 0.5 and 1 hp models, enabling it to cover a wide range of applications. It has a true 2-inch discharge, making sewage pump replacement easy with no plumbing adjustments needed. The AGS Series is available in single-phase 0.5 hp (115 volts or 230 volts) and 1 hp (115 volts or 230 volts) options and is built with a stainless steel volute, a cast iron impeller, and a hard-faced silicon carbide on silicon carbide mechanical seal. 866-325-4210;

Kohler Power Systems Genuine Batteries for generators
Kohler Power Systems’ new Genuine Batteries are high-performance batteries specifically designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial power generators. The batteries are available in three performance levels: standard-duty, optimum-duty and heavy-duty. The standard-duty batteries are ideal for mobile generators and other smaller-sized units; the optimum-duty batteries are well suited to critical-starting applications; and the heavy-duty batteries are designed for extreme temperatures, high vibration and frequent-use applications. All three performance levels encompass batteries within the most widely utilized BCI groups. 800-544-2444;

Axine Water Technologies on-site pharmaceutical treatment solution
Axine Water Technologies has developed a new low-cost, waste-free solution for treating toxic organic pollutants in pharmaceutical wastewater. Based on its electrochemical oxidation technology and service model, Axine’s new solution is designed to treat a wide range of the most challenging contaminants including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), solvents, aromatics, clean-in-place solutions and other complex organics generated by pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. 604-336-8900;

Komax Systems Hi-Pass sludge mixer
The Komax Systems Hi-Pass sludge mixer is designed to achieve polymer savings in excess of 25 percent by effectively mixing polymer solution into sludge flows prior to the dewatering process. It is designed to be extremely resistant to fouling or clogging. The edges of the element sets are smoothly contoured with a large radius for high-fouling duty. The basis for the mixer design is a set of right rotation elements followed by a set of left rotation elements set at 90 degrees from each other. The mixer can efficiently perform pressure sensitive applications. It is capable of handling and mixing municipal sludges with solids up to 5 percent, and of passing individual solid items with a nominal major diameter up to 25 percent that of the mixer. It prevents “stapling” of stringy materials in the flow and has a relatively lower pressure drop. 800-826-0760;

Endress+Hauser Liquiline compact CM82 transmitter
The Liquiline compact CM82 transmitter from Endress+Hauser accepts pH, ORP, pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen and chlorine sensor signals from Endress+Hauser’s Memosens sensor platform. Although small, it is a fully developed multiparameter transmitter, with access available via 4-20mA HART, or Bluetooth from any iOS or Android device. As a loop-powered two-wire device, the CM82 can be connected directly to a control component, such as a programmable logic controller, which also serves as the power supply, eliminating the need for a power cable. A cable for the sensor connection is also not necessary because the sensor plugs directly into the transmitter. 888-363-7377;

Leopold - a Xylem Brand Type 360 underdrain
The Type 360 underdrain from Leopold - a Xylem Brand - is a bolt-down underdrain system for greenfield projects and rehabilitation of water treatment filtration projects. It includes a 360-degree backwash capability designed to boost efficiency by up to 20 percent. The bolt-down solution is engineered for reliability with an uplift resistance of over 15 psi. The design includes slots and orifices around the entire underdrain to help clean the filter media from every angle during the backwash process. This eliminates media dead zones that can develop due to gaps in backwashing coverage. Reinforced polymer maximizes strength against harsh elements while reducing overall weight for easier transport and installation. The polymer matrix is corrosion-free. Self-cleaning technology removes sediment buildup in the underdrain over time. 704-409-9700;

Centrisys/CNP CS6-4 compact centrifuge
The CS6-4 dewatering centrifuge from Centrisys/CNP is designed to bridge the gap between bench-top studies and full-scale installations. It continuously treats flows from 4 to 10 gpm, providing an alternative to conventional laboratory centrifuges that processes samples in batches. The CS6-4 provides scalable solid-liquid separation data to move research and development projects forward. 262-654-6006;


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