Product News: October 2018

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ABB Automation ACQ580 variable-frequency drive
ABB Automation’s ACQ580 VFD has a pump-clean feature that dislodges debris from impellers, while the sensorless flow calculations feature provides accurate flow measurement without a flowmeter. The soft-pipe fill mode reduces water hammer damage, and the quick-ramp feature protects submersible pumps. It is compatible with the ABB Ability condition monitoring services, which provides real-time data about the status and performance of the monitored equipment from any location. The VFD also features dry-run protection that prevents pumps from running without water and embedded PID controllers that automate flow, pressure, level and dissolved oxygen. The multipump control feature manages operation of up to eight pumps simultaneously. 800-752-0696;

CAS DataLoggers T&D RTR-502 wireless temperature data logger
The T&D RTR-502 wireless temperature data logger from CAS DataLoggers has a temperature-sensing range of 76 degrees below zero to 311 degrees F and a measurement resolution of 32.18 degrees F. The data logger has an LCD that can be viewed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit; is constructed with a rugged, compact, water-resistant design; and has a large-capacity, 16,000-point memory. Units have a battery life of about 10 months with an option to upgrade to a large capacity battery pack enabling about 4 years’ operation. The base station connects wirelessly to the loggers and automatically downloads the recorded temperature data. If an out-of-tolerance condition occurs, notification is shown by a local LED lamp and an email alert is sent immediately. 800-956-4437;

Opto 22 GRV-CSERI-4 four-port serial communication module
The serial input/output GRV-CSERI-4 module from Opto 200 plugs into a groov EPIC chassis to provide a mix of analog, discrete and serial signals from any location. This new module provides four independent and isolated serial ports and communicates with RS-232 or RS-485 serial devices. Up to four modules can be installed on the chassis for a total of 16 serial ports, with programmable termination and bias, as well as half- or full-duplex options in RS-485 mode. Baud rates of up to 1 Mbps are supported. 800-321-6786;

Electro-Chemical Devices S80-T80 cyanide analyzer monitoring system
The S80-T80 cyanide analyzer monitoring system from Electro-Chemical Devices features an S80 pION cyanide sensor and a dual-channel T80 transmitter for a more cost-effective cyanide removal water treatment system. The S80’s CN ion electrode is a combination electrode with a silver cyanide/silver sulfide solid-state pressed crystal-sensing element and a double junction reference electrode. The CN ion selective electrode cartridge develops a millivolt potential proportional to the concentration of free CN ions in the measured solution. The typical output is 54 to 60 mV per decade of change in concentration. The speed of sensor response varies from a few seconds in concentrated solutions up to a few minutes in the lower parts-per-million ranges. 800-729-1333;

Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell SM Series Solenoid metering pumps
The Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions SM Series electronic solenoid metering pumps from Wanner Engineering are designed for reliable and economical chemical injection in multiple industries. They feature a hand-operated dial with stroke adjustment from 15 to 200 strokes per minute. Maximum discharge pressure ratings are from 58 to 217 psi depending on the model. The pumps feature a double-ball check valve to help ensure metering accuracy and reduce the possibility of water hammer. An anti-siphon check valve prevents clogging at the injection point and aids in priming the pump. An optional integral relief valve releases abnormal pressure automatically if the pressure exceeds the pump’s capability, protecting it from damage. All models are equipped with a protective secondary diaphragm. 612-332-5681;

JWC Environmental Channel Monster FLEX Grinder
The high-flow wastewater grinder Channel Monster FLEX from JWC Environmental has a modular design that allows for more flexibility of servicing the cutting element and perforated solids diverter element separately. The cutter module can be replaced with a pre-assembled one in the field, eliminating the need to ship the entire unit back to the factory for repair. The FLEX maintains high flow capacity utilizing a perforated solids diverter instead of horizontal screening bars, minimizing material bypass while ensuring all debris is shredded. With flow capabilities from 3.0 to 42 mgd and numerous combinations of grinder heights, diameters of the solids diverter, plus customized installation frames, the grinder is versatile for both in-channel installations or wall mounting within wet wells. 800-331-2277;


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