New at WEFTEC: JWC Offers Improved Iteration of Channel Monster Grinder

JWC Environmental unveiled the Channel Monster FLEX sewage grinder at WEFTEC 2018.  The grinder is designed for high flow and easy service in the field. The unit consists of a FLEX grinder and a solids diverter with a perforated screen connected by a FLEX frame.

The modular grinding system has the latest technology for wastewater solids reduction while providing flexibility to service the grinder and solids diverter separately. An Exacta-Lock adjuster allows for fine distance adjustment between the grinder and screen to minimize solids bypass.

The FLEX version builds on the Channel Monster reputation for high flow capacity while efficiently capturing and shredding rags, rocks, wood and other solids so that the materials can pass through pumps, pipes and process equipment.

The device can handle the high flows seen at pump stations and headworks, including first-flush loading. It offers an alternative to coarse screening and eliminates the handling large screenings and the associated odors, rodent problems, and disposal challenges.

The grinder and solids diverter are designed for easy replacement. When the cutters are worn, the grinder can be replaced with a new Monster Renew unit. The same is true if the solids diverter perforated screen gets damaged. Facilities that need to pass more flow can upgrade the solids diverter to a larger unit, as long as the channel can accommodate the larger module.

The system uses the Channel Monster’s proven dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque grinder. The solids diverter captures solids and directs them into grinder without compromising flow.

An optional 10 hp motor on the grinder adds cutting force. Optional Wipes Ready cutters shred wipes into particles that will not reweave. The system handles flows from 3.0 to 40 mgd.


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