Tube Failure Detection System

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Tube Failure Detection System

No one comes close to matching the breakthrough technology of Blue-White’s exclusive Tube Failure Detection (TFD) system (Patent Numbers 7,001,153 and 7,284,964). In fact, the TFD may be the most important patent ever awarded for peristaltic pumps. The TFD system will detect a wide range of conductive chemicals present in the head, most often caused by tube failure. If this should occur the TFD system senses the tube failure and the pump will automatically shut off and energize a relay switch, permitting communication with external equipment, such as a back-up pump or alarm. The pump will not restart until the problem has been resolved. This action can help eliminate costly chemical spills and labor-intensive cleanup.  Condensation and washdown procedures will not cause false triggering. 

TFD is simple, efficient, and built in to every ProSeries pump. 


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