Product News: August 2018

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Pollardwater MARS Series 100 Meter Test Bench System
The MARS Series 100 Meter Test Bench System from Pollardwater is designed to make testing 1/2- to 2-inch meters affordable for meter shops of all sizes without the need for electrical or pneumatic supply. The system, developed and manufactured through MARS Co., measures just over 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, weighs 448 pounds, and is suitable for small- to medium-sized utilities where larger meter test benches can be out of reach. 800-437-1146;

Plast-O-Matic Valves electric actuators for Basiks ball valve line
The compact, full-featured electric actuators from Plast-O-Matic Valves have been added to the Basiks ball valve line. The actuators have a dome-style visual position indicator, switches for remote indication, emergency manual override, a thermally protected motor, and CE Marked, IP67 ingress protection. They are available with optional fail-safe or high-speed operation, plus Smart Programmable Actuators with OLED interface and optional modulation with 0- to 10-volt or 4-20mA control. 973-256-3000;

Hayward Flow Control HRS Series electric fail-safe actuators
Hayward Flow Control added electric fail-safe actuators to its HRS Series electric actuator product line. The new actuators include both integral battery backup and supercapacitor reserve power supplies. They are available up to 440 inch-lbs torque in the HRS2 Series actuators and up to 1,770 inch-lbs torque in the HRSN3 Series. The HRSN4 Series provides up to 8,850 inch-lbs torque on reserve battery power. All models are offered in 24-volt AC/24-volt DC as stand-alone units in on/off, as well as proportional modes. The lithium-ion battery backup and supercapacitor reserve power systems provide several years of service and, if needed, are replaceable. 888-429-4635;

FCI - Fluid Components International ST100 Series thermal flowmeter
FCI - Fluid Components International’s ST100 Series thermal flowmeters accurately measure digester waste gas resulting from the wastewater treatment process. They can be calibrated for the specific digester gas mix composition and processes temperature conditions in flow ranges from 0.25 to 1,000 SFPS and with accuracy to within plus or minus 0.75 percent of reading and within plus or minus 0.5 percent of full scale. The meter’s constant power thermal dispersion and mass flow technology is ideal for applications with moist, dirty gases. It can be installed in the pipe with a simple, retractable compression fitting or through a ball valve for easy access. 800-854-1993;

Koch Membrane Systems filtration for Electrocoat paint
The new line of Electrocoat paint spiral ultrafiltration membranes from Koch Membrane Systems offers greater recovery of paint resin and pigments. The KPAK PLUS and SPIRAPAK PLUS modules feature optimized element design and construction to improve performance while providing the same separation properties and low fouling characteristics as the traditional modules. The membranes recover up to 98 percent of paint solids for reuse while generating rinse water for use in the plant. They remove excess free ions, low molecular weight resins and carry-in from pretreatment. 888-677-5624;

GF Piping Systems ChlorFIT piping system
The ChlorFIT piping system from GF Piping Systems has Schedule 80 pipe and fittings that are molded from CPVC Corzan resin. The system is certified by NSF for use with hot and cold potable water, and the resin is highly resistant to heat, acids, alkalis, alcohols and many other corrosive materials. The Corzan resin has superior fire-resistant qualities, making the system ideal for applications that require ignited heat sources or are prone to fire. Available in 1/2- to 24-inch sizes with pressure ratings from 210 to 400 psi depending on pipe size, the system handles operating temperature from 32 to 200 degrees F. 800-854-4090;

Wilo USA extends range of Stratos GIGA line
The extended range of models for the Wilo-Stratos GIGA line of centrifugal pumps from Wilo USA includes 3- and 4-inch models. The GIGA circulator with ECM technology is designed for use in hot-water heating systems, air conditioning, closed cooling circuits, industrial circulation and solar and geothermal systems. The GIGA features a motor-powerhead combination, which gives optimal control over the pump, up to 9 hp with motor efficiencies now in class IE5. The control range is up to three times as high as conventional electronically controlled pumps, and there are multiple control modules available for integration with building management systems. With heads up to 167 feet and flows to 550 gpm, the GIGA also features high corrosion protection due to its cataphoretic coating to withstand high pressure and weathering. 


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