Project Roundup: Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Construction and More

See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

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Red Deer
Project: Regional wastewater system construction
Details: New plant unites three cities
Status: Grand opening held
Cost: Under $70 million

Project: Wastewater treatment plant repairs
Details: A digester failed in early 2016, and is now replaced
Status: Complete
Cost: $3.5 million

Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Will soon filter water from Kings River for more than 100,000 homes
Status: Complete
Cost: Unknown

Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Will have 3 mgd capacity
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: $50 million

Project: Water treatment plant renovation
Details: Last major upgrade was in 1960
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: $54 million

Sioux City
Project: Natural gas biofuel installation
Details: Could generate the city $4 million per year
Status: Groundbreaking slated for August
Cost: $9.1 million

Project: Wastewater treatment plant rebuild
Details: A 185-foot aeration basin will replace two smaller ones
Status: Slated for August completion
Cost: $28.4 million

New Hampshire
Project: Pump and treatment system to remove PFAS chemicals
Details: Eight-acre facility to be paid for by U.S. Air Force
Status: Slated to go online January 2019
Cost: Unknown

New Mexico
Las Cruces
Project: New water quality laboratory
Details: Building will be 11,600 square feet
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: $4.4 million

Project: Replacement of 3.5 miles of aging waterlines
Details: Crews have identified the water mains with the most frequent breaks
Status: Slated to be completed along with 2018 road surfacing projects
Cost: $2 million

St. George
Project: Wastewater treatment plant expansion
Details: Building headworks and UV system as first of three phases
Status: Construction to begin this summer
Cost: $60 million

Project: New drinking water treatment systems
Details: GAC systems were installed at five plants
Status: Ribbon-cutting ceremonies held in May
Cost: $24 million

Wisconsin Rapids
Project: New wastewater pumps
Details: Site processes 1.5 mgd
Status: Slated for fall completion
Cost: $7 million


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