Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Options for Your Wastewater Treatment Facility

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Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Options for Your Wastewater Treatment Facility

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Making your water treatment facility run as efficiently as possible while meeting capacity demands and environmental regulations is a tall order — but Praxair can help.

Customized options for unique situations
Praxair’s portfolio of water treatment technologies has been honed over decades of experience with customers worldwide. The company offers know-how and patented technology to help meet the demands of cost-effective and efficient plant operation.

Through Praxair’s oxygenation, ozonated sludge reduction and CO2 offerings, plants can:

  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduce chemical costs
  • Improve plant safety
  • Manage peak demand and capacity increases
  • Reduce VOCs and odor
  • Reduce foaming
  • Reduce noise
  • Reduce sludge production up to 80 percent
  • Increase plant flexibility

How Praxair is different
When the situation is right for Praxair's oxygen or CO2 technologies, the comapany brings tremendous benefits most competing options cannot match. The difference is its technology and global expertise. Praxair offers unique combinations that could help you solve your tough wastewater problems — often with low (or no) capital investment.

Flexible and affordable
Think oxygen is too expensive? Better does not always mean more expensive. Praxair’s oxygen wastewater treatment systems help reduce sludge, manage peak demands, increase capacity and reduce VOCs — often for less than the cost of an air-based technology.

Praxair’s I-SO, HPO Tornado and Mixflo aeration systems are modular designs. Technologies include short- or long-term, new or retrofit options. Through a single system — or a combination of technologies — Praxair can help you meet the unique demands of the site.

Praxair’s patented Lyso sludge ozonation process has been successfully applied to reduce sludge in wastewater treatment plants that handle municipal and industrial wastewater. The following results have been obtained:

  • Significant sludge reduction
  • Elimination of foaming problems
  • Improvement in process stability
  • Improvement of dewatering
  • Improvement of settling
  • Improvement of effluent quality (de-colorization)

Effective COD removal
Got an emergency? Praxair can help. If you have an urgent need for a capacity or temporary emissions treatment option, Praxair may be able to help. Our technology can be configured to provide temporary and long-term support.

Safe and effective
Eliminate costs and harmful chemicals from your process with CO2. Praxair’s CO2 technologies replace dangerous acids for lowering pH. The site becomes a safer place, and your operation saves money by not buying, storing and reporting on chemicals that can do more harm than good.

Praxair’s CO2 pretreatment can save money for an operation that currently sends wastewater to another facility for high pH processing.

Praxair is your resource for reliable supply and service. Praxair’s reputation for innovative gas technologies and reliable supply has been built on years of experience and demonstrated results.

Contact Praxair today for a hard-numbers look at all the options, or to learn more about its water treatment processes. Contact Praxair at 800/772-9247 or visit www.praxair.com/wastewater.


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