WEFTEC Report: SUEZ Introduces FiltraFast Extreme-Rate Compressible Media Filter

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SUEZ offered the FiltraFast media filter for wastewater and process water treatment at the WEFTEC conference. The unit is designed for treatment of high flows and includes compressible media to enable up to 10 times the loading rate of conventional media filters.

The system functions as a high-rate downflow gravity or pressure filter. It only uses hydraulic loading to create the required media porosity with no mechanical compressing devices. The backwash sequence is designed to enable maximum recovery, extend media life and limit energy consumption.

The process has a significantly smaller footprint than sand filters and has lower maintenance and replacement costs than disc filters and other compressible media filters, according to the manufacturer.

Raw water enters the filter through the top and flows downward. The hydraulic load compresses the media and creates the optimum media porosity. Solids and turbidity are captured by the media, and the filtrate exits through nozzles at the bottom of the filter.

In the backwash cycle, compressed air and water are injected to decompress the filter media bed, which is then washed using compressed air and water for 20 minutes. Air is then removed from the media by pumping water and is purged from the filter plenum.

FiltraFast units are available in different configurations and can be customized to users’ applications. The technology leverages the design of the company’s more than 1,000 gravity and pressure filters worldwide to optimize design and performance. SUEZ can modify the specifications to offer different options in tank material, automation, and ancillaries. Based on project requirements, units can be fully shop-assembled and delivered or erected on site. http://www.suez.com


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