WEFTEC Report: Linde Presents Oxygen Recovery System for Lowering Ozone Production Costs

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Linde introduced the OZORA oxygen recovery system — designed to sharply reduce oxygen consumption during production of ozone — at WEFTEC. The technology has municipal and industrial water treatment applications.
Commercial ozone generators that use corona discharge, a high-energy electric field process, split oxygen molecules that then reform with free oxygen to produce ozone. However, about 90 percent of the oxygen used in the process is not converted to ozone and remains unused, at a high cost.

The OZORA system efficiently separates ozone and recycles oxygen back to the ozone generator, reducing oxygen consumption by up to 60 percent. The technology has been jointly tested and validated with SUEZ, a leading manufacturer of ozone generators.

OZORA systems can be sized to match new ozone generation units or engineered to retrofit existing water treatment operations. Linde also supplies bulk oxygen and nitrogen gases for ozone production. www.lindeus.com


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