WEFTEC Report: Lakeside Exhibits Multi-Rake Bar Screen With High Hydraulic Capacity, Low Headloss

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Lakeside Equipment displayed the Raptor multirake bar screen at WEFTEC. The device is designed to remove inorganic solids from wastewater in municipal and industrial applications.

A heavy-duty design provides durability and long life in severe conditions. High removal efficiency and low headloss are achieved with multiple rakes cleaning the screen, and with rake teeth penetrating the bar openings to positively remove captured material.

Continuous cleaning with multiple rakes enables rapid debris removal for applications with a high screenings load, like treatment plant headworks, pump stations and combined sewer systems.

When wastewater flows through the screen, solids are captured on the face of the screen bars. As debris collects and blinding occurs, the upstream water level rises to a high-level setpoint. This activates the drive mechanism to start a cleaning cycle. Multiple rakes attached to dual stainless steel roller chains provide rapid debris removal from the screen.

Drainage occurs while material is transported up the screen and dead plate. A scraper assembly near the top of the machine wipes the debris from the rake head and into a discharge chute. Material falls from the chute into a conveyor, washer compactor, or dump container.

The screen has all-stainless-steel construction to resist corrosion and requires minimal headroom above operating floor. Rectangular or trapezoidal screen bars are available with 3/16-inch minimum bar spacing.

Other features include a durable stainless steel roller chain, replaceable rake teeth, a maintenance-free lower chain guide or optional lower sprocket assembly, and automatic reversing to clear obstructions.

Removable covers provide odor control, and an optional hinged support is available to pivot the screen out of the channel for maintenance. www.lakeside-equipment.com


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