Product News: September 2017

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Product News: September 2017
Nidec Motor Corporation’s World Motors

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World Motor enclosed-fan-controlled motors from Nidec Motor Corporation
Nidec Motor Corporation’s World Motors are horizontal, cast iron, enclosed, fan-cooled motors that offer global functionality and meet or exceed either NEMA or IEC standards. The motors are built to withstand a variety of severe-duty applications and come in 1 to 350 hp with two-, four- and six-pole designs and 200, 230/460, 460 and 575 voltage. Stock motors are rated Class B rise at 1.0 service factor and Class F rise at 1.15 service factor with full Class F or better insulating materials. Custom motors are also available. 888/637-7333

Blue-White Industries tubing
Blue-White Industries’ tubing, Flex-A-Prene, Flex-A-Chem and Flex-A-Thane, are used in its FLEXFLO A-100N, ProSeries and ProSeries-M Peristaltic Metering Pumps. The pump tubes come in single and multitube technology, and both include a single inlet and outlet to help provide precision metering of chemicals into critical treatment systems. The tube design provides up to 110 psi, and the tubes feature clamp-less overmolded fittings with permanently printed model numbers that are visible through the pump head covers, even when the pump is running. 714/893-8529

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Bredel heavy-duty sludge pumps
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s Bredel line of heavy-duty sludge pumps are ideal for centrifuge and belt press feed. They feature only one wearing part — the hose — so there are no rotors, stators or lobes to replace and no mechanical seals or packing to leak. The pumps can handle flows up to 475 gpm with suction lift to 30 feet, and they are dry running and reversible. The pumps do not require degassing or backpressure valves to operate. 800/282-8823

Dwyer Instruments acrylic flowmeters
The Series VFCR Visi-Float acrylic flowmeter from Dwyer Instruments has Roto-Gear valve technology that permits full open to close adjustment while maintaining fine flow control of the process media in one valve design. The direct-reading variable area flowmeter has scales for liquid or gas applications. The valve cartridge assembly is easy to remove or replace, and it has a temperature limit of 120 degrees F. 800/872-9141

TGO Technologies ChlorTainer containment vessels
ChlorTainer cylinder containment vessels from TGO Technologies enclose chlorine gas cylinders, the transfer hose and seismic lock-down brackets that prevent cylinders from moving during an earthquake. Vacuum breaker regulators are attached for fail-safe shutdown if there is a leak downstream. The transfer hose is attached to the supply valve, pressurized, and tested for any leaks at the hose ends. Valved ports can be opened for testing for chlorine gas. If a leak is discovered in containment, chlorine gas can be withdrawn through a vacuum line that delivers it into the treatment process. 800/543-6603


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