Product News: August 2017

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Product News: August 2017
The Style W257 dynamic movement joint from Victaulic

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Parkson Corp. Aqua Caiman articulating rake screen
The Aqua Caiman articulating rake screen from Parkson Corp. has a flexible belt assembly that handles large solids with ease and eliminates the need for bottom bearings. Teardrop-shaped bars are designed for low headloss. Full rake engagement is achieved with True-Engage bar fastening design and the True-Track chain positioner allows for rake engagement adjustment without a hoist. The rake screen is designed to fit various applications for plants seeking low maintenance screening. 888/727-5766

Victaulic Style W257 dynamic movement joint
The Style W257 dynamic movement joint from Victaulic is preassembled and reduces installation complexity to threaded rod installations of the AWWA M11 harness and C219 bolted sleeve-type joints. It can accommodate differential settlement and seismic movement in large-diameter piping systems and is comprised of Victaulic’s AGS Flexible Coupling Style W77. The couplings are self-aligning and provide a visual confirmation of proper assembly from the metal-to-metal bold pad contact. The joint is available in 14- to 78-inch DN350 to DN1950 sizes and is designed to be direct buried, utilizing epoxy coating compliant with NSF61 and AWWA C210 as well as stainless steel hardware. 610/559-3300

Bionomic Industries Series 6500 Jet Ejector Venturi Scrubber
The Bionomic Industries Series 6500 Jet Ejector Venturi Scrubber offers a multispray zone staging configuration that gives about a 50 percent boost in collection efficiency performance. It features a simple, rugged design that utilizes a high-velocity spray and scrubbing liquid flow to achieve simultaneous removal of gaseous contaminants and particulate down to .75 micron size. The high scrubbing liquid-to-gas ratio design rapidly reduces the temperature of high exothermic reactive gases. It creates its own draft to eliminate the need for a fan in most cases, and gas capacity sizes from 5 through 60,000 acfm are standard. 800/311-6767

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Pump Automation Controller
The SEL-2411P Pump Automation Controller from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is a preconfigured, SCADA-ready device built for unforgiving water and wastewater environments. Terminal labeling makes installation easy. The controller provides secure, user-accessible programming to facilitate system upgrades and to expand functionality. It can monitor and control liquid levels for simplex, duplex or triplex applications in lift stations or wells and reservoirs. It can also control constant-speed, variable-speed and alternating pumps and is compatible with analog level sensors, floats, or a combination of both. 509/336-2527

Hayward Flow Control TBH Series Ball Valve
The Hayward TBH Series True Union Ball Valve with System2 Sealing Technology delivers extended lifetime performance versus conventional valves. The System2 technology incorporates a floating seat design, utilizing the valve’s upstream seat as a backup to the downstream seat while enhancing the sealing of the downstream seat. 888/429-4635

OR-TEC Gemini Series Belt Press
The 7.2-foot-wide Gemini Series Belt Press from OR-TEC is the largest made by the company and is ideal for the medium- to large-size wastewater treatment plant. The double-belt system is constructed of stainless steel and combines a gravity drainage zone, a squeezing zone, and high-pressure shear zone to provide a large dry solids throughput of up to 1,500 pounds per hour. The unit has a large flocculation tank with a variable-speed mixer, which allows the biosolids and polymer solution to be thoroughly mixed. A single control panel is used, and the system also features electric actuation, so no hydraulics or pneumatics are needed. 216/475-5225

KROHNE liquid and solid level measurement products
The new generation of liquid and solid level measurement products from KROHNE include both 24 and 80 GHz versions, increasing the accuracy and range of measurement on the devices. Antennas for each model are designed to meet application-specific installations, and a retrofit path is available for older-style models to keep existing antennas installed. 800/356-9464

FCI - Fluid Components International FLT93 Flow Switch Series
The FLT93 Flow Switch Series from FCI - Fluid Components International verifies chemicals or additives are being injected and ensures injection pumps and feeders continue to operate. It is suitable for flow detection of liquids and gases, and is available in several wetted materials for compatibility with almost any fluid. Dual 6A relay outputs are standard and are assignable to flow or temperature. It can be specified in either insertion or inline styles for installation in pipe or tube diameters .25 of an inch or larger. 800/854-1993

Badger Meter Blancett B3100 Series flow monitor
The Blancett B3100 Series flow monitor from Badger Meter is a flexible, durable and easy-to-use digital signal-processing platform for flow metering applications. It is explosion-proof for harsh surroundings and has a rugged 1-inch thread for mounting. The large, backlit LED display provides a seven-digit flow rate/total and an 11-digit accumulated total. Each log contains flow rate, flow total, accumulated total, log number, and time and date stamp. Remote data access and programming are available without opening the enclosure and the log data can be downloaded as a .csv file. 800-876-3837

Endress+Hauser Free Chlorine Analysis System
Endress+Hauser Free Chlorine Analysis Systems are compliant to EPA Method 334.0. Each turnkey system is panel-mounted with an amperometric free chlorine sensor and a pH probe mounted in an integrated flow assembly. Each panel is designed with sensor cables and a Liquiline transmitter, either CM442 or CM444. An integral flow switch mounted in the flow assembly monitors for proper system flow and provides an alarm at the transmitter if flow is interrrupted. A lead-free regulator sets system pressure to 15 psi. The transmitter has a NEMA 4X rating and all other components are waterproof. Stainless steel inlet and outlet shut-off valves with 1/2-inch female MPT fittings allow for system isolation during routine sensor maintenance. 888/363-7377

Sensorex SD7500 Universal Differential pH Probe
The Sensorex SD7500 Universal Differential pH Probe works with any existing conventional pH transmitter. It measures with three electrode sensors: a process pH, a pH reference and a titanium ground electrode. The double-junction construction of the replaceable salt bridge guards against fouling, even in highly aggressive chemical environments. Automatic temperature compensation with an accurate Pt1000 RTD ensures pH measurement accuracy over a wide temperature range. It has a self-powered preamp and a combination sensor output. It can be used in most conventional online pH/ORP transmitters and controllers. 714/895-4344

De Nora Water Technologies TETRA LP Blocks
De Nora Water Technologies TETRA LP Blocks are dual-parallel, underdrain gravity filters for drinking water and desalination pretreatment applications. They are easy to install, have no moving parts, and offer low headloss, even backwash distribution, and reduced backwash water. They are lightweight yet almost twice as resistant to uplift than conventional systems. 215/997-4000

WesTech Engineering R5 dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit
The R5 DAF unit from WesTech Engineering is pre-engineered, modular and skid-mounted with variable tank sizes, flow and recycle rates. It provides a customized, flexible and easy-to-install solution for plant pilot testing, backup for unexpected plant equipment breakdowns, and smaller municipal and commercial water and wastewater treatment operations. Recycle flow rates can be set up to vary from 25 to 375 gpm, depending on system needs. 801/265-1000

Spirax Sarco Steam Jet Thermocompressors
Steam Jet Thermocompressors from Spirax Sarco compress low-pressure steam to a higher acceptable pressure that can be used by other applications. The unit contains three components: motive steam nozzle, suction body and a diffuser. The compact and lightweight design is easy to install into a pipeline and enables overhead installations. It has no rotating parts and comes in varied materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, chrome and molybdenum. 800/356-9362

Det-Tronics SmokeWatch Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector
The Det-Tronics SmokeWatch U5015 Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector can be used to meet NFPA 820 fire protection standards that are specific to wastewater treatment and collection facilities. The detectors utilize photoelectric smoke detection technology and are rated for the Class 1 Division 1 and 2 locations found in industrial and municipal applications. They carry FM 3230 certification for smoke detection and are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. When connected to process controls, the detectors can initiate smoke control procedures such as fan shutdown and fire damper operation. 800/765-3473


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