Product News: July 2017

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Product News: July 2017
The OMNIPURE Series 64 marine sewage treatment system from De Nora

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De Nora OMNIPURE Series 64 marine sewage treatment system
The OMNIPURE Series 64 marine sewage treatment system from De Nora is compliant with International Maritime Organization standards and ranges in treatment capacities up to 13,200 gpd in a single system. Units can be combined for increased capacity. The system uses a catalytic coating technology to ensure a smaller footprint and minimized maintenance. The electrolytic processes in the system impose physical and chemical changes to the wastewater stream as it passes through, resulting in effluent quality below the required specifications. 215/997-4000

KROHNE liquid and solid level measurement products
Liquid and solid level measurement products from KROHNE include both 24 and 80 GHz versions. The products feature improved measurement performance, enhanced software and a more powerful signal processor. Liquid measurement devices include the OPTIWAVE 5400, 7400, 7500 and 3500. Solid level measurement devices include the OPTIWAVE 6400 and 6500. Antennas for each model are designed to meet application-specific installations. Also available is a retrofit path for older-style models, to keep existing antennas and upgrade electronics without losing the hermetic seal on the tank. 800/356-9464

Watts all-in-one ball valve and relief valve
The Series LFBRVM1 all-in-one ball and relief valve from Watts is designed for use as a water heater shut-off that also provides protection against excess water pressure caused by thermal expansion. It features nine end connection options and can be installed in any orientation. The design incorporates tighter pressure release tolerances for greater accuracy in compliance with the latest IAPMO and CSA standards. The valve also includes a forged body construction, blowout-proof stem and a white handle for lead-free identification. 978/688-1811

GE PROflex reverse osmosis system
The PROflex reverse osmosis system from GE Water & Process Technologies is configurable using a new online product configurator, allowing for selection of exact flow rates required by the application. It has 10 base configurations using 10 to 72 8-inch increments. The most frequently requested modifications are also available as pre-priced options. The pump is in front of the skid for easy access and maintenance, and the overall footprint has been minimized. Three- and two-bank models are available. 866/439-2837

Precision Digital PDW Industrial Wireless Products
The PDW Industrial Wireless System from Precision Digital is a line of signal wire replacement systems in rugged, NEMA 4X/IP 68 industrial housings. They provide analog, discrete or Modbus signals and solutions range in complexity from point-to-point for wire replacement to large-scale point-to-multipoint for connecting up to 322 individual field locations to a central base station. The products include accessories to expand and customize installations to meet the needs of any application. They have a signal range of 1 mile line-of-sight outdoor or 500 feet indoor. 800/343-1001

Stamford Scientific Technology Portal
The SSI Technology Portal from Stamford Scientific is a suite of web tools for diffused aeration system design software. Via the portal, users can prepare a priced proposal with drawing and calculation sheet; write a bid specification with AI-assisted diffuser performance values; check an image of an existing tank’s bubble pattern to compare it to a database of similar images, and collect a report about potential problems and solutions; generate and print diffuser performance curves at different depths and densities; and estimate alpha factor for a greenfield plant or digester. 845/454-8171

Conveyor Components Company Model DLC
The Model DLC from Conveyor Components is a flush-mount, pressure activated, diaphragm-style level control and plugged chute detector. It has two unpowered 15-amp microswitches that activate when material within the bin or chute presses upon the diaphragm face. The unit should be mounted on the vertical sidewall of the bin, hopper or chute, and can also operate as a material presence control on a conveyor belt, and a high-level indicator above a crusher box. The Model DLC does not intrude on the material flow stream. 800/233-3233


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